Quakerism 101 Upcoming Sessions (including a visit from Lucretia Mott!)

Mark your calendars now for the next sessions of the Quakerism 101 Series. The LEYM Advancement and Outreach Committee will be offering five more sessions of the Quakerism 101 series the next few months. We thank North Columbus Meeting for their presentations on “What is Quakerism” and “What is Vocal Ministry in a Meeting for Worship” in the fall.

The new year will start with a visit from Lucretia Mott, as portrayed by Shelley Kotz, on Tuesday, January 16 (7-8:30 pm), sponsored by the Broadmead Meeting. See shareable flyer here re her visit. A message from Lucretia:

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Lucretia Mott. I was born more than two hundred years ago, but through some magic that I don’t understand, I have been allowed to visit the twenty-first century and have the opportunity to tell people about my life.
If you are unacquainted with the facts of my life, I will simply say that I was quite well known in my time for my efforts in the anti-slavery movement and in promoting rights for women. I am honored to have the opportunity to tell people about the issues that we cared about in our times and how we worked to bring about change. I am delighted to speak to your group, and to experience the wonder of Zoom.

Lucretia Mott

Then on Tuesday, February 20 (7-8:30 pm), the Ann Arbor Meeting will present a session on guides to Faith and Practice written by Friends—the history of how our non-creedal society came to create and use such documents; the experience of Friends who have created, developed, and revised these guides; and how they are maintained as living documents as meetings grow and change. The session will include an interactive exercise in which small groups will review passages from various Faith and Practice guides and experience the process of spirit-led discerning together as might be done in developing such a guide.

Later sessions include one on what Friends believe, led by the Kalamazoo Meeting on Thursday, March 21 and an introduction to Quaker service organizations from Red Cedar Meeting on Thursday, May 16.

All sessions are open to anyone—seasoned Friends, newcomers, seekers, young and old. Time for reflection and interaction is included in all sessions. We still need one more meeting to volunteer to present a session in April. Contact Joe Mills, Clerk of the LEYM Advancement & Outreach Committee for more information. (millrae@juno.com. Use subject line “Quakerism 101″).

Both the January 16 and February 20 sessions will be from 7-8:30 pm on Zoom.

Zoom address (easy share link) for all sessions: https://tinyurl.com/quaker101
Meeting ID: 876 3794 4768
Passcode: 84448

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