Welcome to the web site of Lake Erie Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers). Lake Erie Yearly Meeting is an organization of Quaker meetings and worship groups in Ohio, Michigan, and western Pennsylvania. Friends gather for worship weekly in expectant silence. Everyone is welcome at a Quaker meeting for worship.

In this site you will find a Directory of the monthly meetings that make up the yearly meeting, introductory materials to Quakerism, information on yearly meeting activities, electronic versions of the yearly meeting’s newsletter, The Bulletin, and various other documents produced by the yearly meeting such as the Policies & Procedures Manual. We are pleased that you found us and hope that you find this site useful.

Quakers come together in silent worship knowing that the Spirit is present among us and in us, and can be experienced today to give meaning, hope and power to our lives. We are placed in unity with each other by this experience and by our commitment to the Quaker way of living it brings to us. With all our hearts, we affirm that God is expressed in every human being. We welcome to our fellowship and worship all persons of whatever sexual orientation, race, religion or gender who seek after truth and who are in sympathy with this way of living. Moreover, our experience directs us into the world to sever the bonds of hatred and division and to work toward the goals of universal love and blessing in society and in creation.