Spiritual Companioning

LEYM Spiritual Companioning Interest Group

LEYM Friends engaged or interested in the practice of Spiritual Companioning gather online at 4pm on the first Sunday of odd-numbered months for informal exchange of experiences, questions, and opportunities to practice with others. See the LEYM Calendar to confirm specific dates and times. Please join us and invite others to do the same.
Here’s the zoom information: Zoom Access Link
Meeting ID: 864 1546 3389
Passcode: 966818


Spiritual Companion groups are self selected groups of typically 2-4 people. We meet regularly, (every 1-3 weeks), for enough time to give each person about 20 minutes of time to share and receive reflection. Companions set out to discover experimentally what happens when they ask for and follow guidance from their Inner Teachers. Their companions serve as witnesses while each person does their own work. We summarize the practice like this:

Experiment with Spirit in Your Life

  • Experiment with being inwardly guided by Spirit to shape and guide your life.
  • Keep a log of tests of discernment, feedback, insights and directions.

Meet with Companions

  • Meet regularly, every 1-3 weeks for 1-2 hours with 2-4 people.
  • Divide the time equally giving each person full attention in turn.
  • Stay in Spirit in yourself, relaxed and non-anxious.
  • Focus on Spirit in the others; they are good and capable.

Share Your Experiment During Your Turn

  • Receive the attention of others.
  • Listen inwardly, discharge emotion, and/or speak to your spiritual experience and experiment.
  • Ask for and receive reflection and/or feedback.

Support Your Companions to Test Discernment

  • Reflect back the words you heard without changing them.
  • Offer feedback on if you feel the life and power of Spirit, if it rings true. Not if you liked, agreed with, or understood it. As information, not judgment.
  • Document what’s affirmed for one, then for others or for all.

Since the practice of Spiritual Companioning was introduced in Fall, 2020 during LEYM’s Spiritual Formation retreat, four Friends have volunteered to organize and publicize events like this one, at which the three dozen or so practicing companions and those interested in companioning can self-organize and mutually encourage others in growing our experience and skill. We are learners just like you, and would welcome others to join us in this organizing work. If that interests you, please contact one of us.

Barbara LeSage (North Columbus, barbaralesage@hotmail.com), Cassie Cammann (Ann Arbor, cassie.cammann@gmail.com), Mark Hoover (Ann Arbor, mhoover@umich.edu), Joann Neuroth (Red Cedar, jneuroth@gmail.com)

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