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Work actively for peace in the Israel-Palestine region by joining in a boycott of products made in Israel’s illegal West Bank settlements and divesting from companies that support the military occupation there.

LEYM Minute (2013)

A key step towards stability and safety for both Israelis and Palestinians, and other indigenous people of the region, depends on a just agreement regarding Palestinian lands that Israel has occupied, illegally, according to international law, since 1967.

Therefore, Lake Erie Yearly Meeting calls for Friends to join the boycott of products made in Israel’s illegal West Bank settlements and to divest from companies that support Israel’s military occupation and repression of the Palestinian people.

We join with American Friends Service Committee, Britain Yearly Meeting, Monthly Meetings, and religious and civil society organizations throughout the world in taking such steps in working for peace.

Information and resources

Letter to LEYM monthly meetings and worship groups Doc PDF

Occupy-Free Shopping Doc PDF

Flyer of Products PDF

Divestment Guide Doc PDF

Committee Reports

This site contains files of LEYM Peace Committee’s reports to LEYM and minutes passed by the body of the Yearly Meeting. We ask monthly meetings and worship groups to review these documents and use them as resources in drafting their own letters to Congress and the media, and in taking action.

The Peace Committee has set up a Google Group (LEYMPeace) to facilitate communication among our meetings about peace activities and actions. If you wish to be invited to join, please get in touch with Nancy Taylor, Clerk (contact info above).


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