Resources for Outreach

The materials on this page are provided by LEYM’s Advancement & Outreach Committee

A list of suggestions for strengthening your meeting or worship group and making it more open and welcoming Updated 2017 (DOC)

What Makes a Welcoming Meeting graphic illustration (with a focus on youth inclusion) and Inclusion 101 (an audio podcast from 2020) from Forward in Faithfulness provides lots of good ideas based on an extensive listening project among Friends.

To Those Attending Our Meeting For The First Time (text you can use as is or customize; 2017; DOCX)

Transforming Quaker Welcoming — Greeting Diverse Newcomers – link to FGC site 2017

Reaching out to all ages: The 45-Yard Line – link to Emily Provance’s blog (2018)

Strengthening Our Meetings: The Inreach-Outreach Workshop Updated 2017 (DOCX)

Creating & Maintaining a Meeting Web Site Updated 2017 (PDF)

Readings on Quakerism: Where to Start (PDF) – A short article printed in the Winter 2006 Bulletin.
What do Quakers Say

Ready to Print Business Cards: What Do Quakers Say? You can print meeting information on the back. Never out of date.

Survival Sourcebook: The Care and Maintenance of Small Meetings and Worship Groups (PDF)
North Pacific Yearly Meeting Outreach Committee
2nd Edition, 1990
This document is somewhat dated. In particular, the lists of resources are mostly out of date, and no mention is made of the internet. Minor errors have been introduced by the process of converting the printed text into an electronic file. However, there are many helpful pieces in it that small meetings and worship groups can benefit from. Posted by permission of North Pacific Yearly Meeting’s Outreach & Visitation Committee

Website of Quaker Communications & Outreach (originally a Facebook group)

Materials from New England Yearly Meeting

Quaker Outreach

Materials from Friends General Conference

Outreach web page
Newcomers Cards: a series of free cards available for print by meetings. These simple cards are good, brief introductions suitable to hand out to newcomers. They can also be purchased from the FGC Bookstore. Topics include: You are Welcome Here, Quaker Worship, What Do Quakers Believe, Quakers and Prayer, How Quaker Meetings Work, and Quaker Testimonies.
Grow Our Meetings toolkit: Inreach, Outreach, and Integrating Newcomers. Guidance and tools for Friends who want to deepen their own spiritual life, welcome new life into their meetings, consider what it’s like to be new in a meeting, and do outreach.
You Are Welcome Here – A Booklet of Learnings from QuakerQuest
Build It: A Toolkit for Nurturing Intergenerational Spiritual Community: The Youth Ministries Program of FGC collects here their best practices for nurturing intergenerational spiritual community. The toolkit includes resources, activities, games, advice, and the skit, “A Short History of Quakerism in 10 Easy Points.” Both practical and fun, it is useful for nurturing spiritual community among all ages.

Understanding Quaker Practice

(from “Info” section of website)

Brief on Quaker Worship (PDF)
Brief on How Quakers Conduct Business (PDF)
Brief on Quaker Beliefs in Action (PDF)

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