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Erika Smith
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Ready to Print Business Cards: What Do Quakers Say?

Instructions for printing these cards

What do Quakers Say

Materials for Small Meetings and Worship Groups

  • Survival Sourcebook: The Care and Maintenance of Small Meetings and Worship Groups
    North Pacific Yearly Meeting Outreach Committee
    2nd Edition, 1990
  • This document is somewhat dated and is undergoing revision. In particular, the lists of resources are mostly out of date, and no mention is made of the internet. Minor errors have been introduced by the process of converting the printed text into an electronic file. However, there are many helpful pieces in it that small meetings and worship groups can benefit from. Posted by permission of North Pacific Yearly Meeting’s Outreach & Visitation Committee

Advancement and Outreach Materials of Interest

Here are some materials of interest when doing Quaker Advancement and Outreach work.

Understanding Quaker Practice

(from “About Us” section of website)


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