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Paid part-time position as LEYM Worker

Could you or someone you know be the next Yearly Meeting Worker?

A paid part-time position working from home – currently 120 hours a year

If you know someone who might be interested in the position,
please bring this job opening to their attention.

The Lake Erie Yearly Meeting worker’s primary task is serving as webmaster, which includes an annual update of the website following LEYM’s Annual Meeting in late July – early August. The Yearly Meeting worker manages listservs (email lists) and gmail accounts for LEYM clerks and others as needed. Other tasks are ongoing or done on an annual basis, such as collecting annual statistical reports from each meeting and worship group. Additional projects are assigned at the discretion of the presiding clerk, who oversees the Yearly Meeting worker. The position requires a self-starter who can work independently and keep track of when particular tasks need to be done. Reports on work done and issues that have arisen are made to Executive Committee and Annual Sessions.

This is a collaborative position which involves working with others, particularly the database manager. Familiarity with Lake Erie Yearly Meeting Friends and business is needed, so attending most Representative Meetings and Annual Sessions is a good idea, especially in order to track when changes need to be made to LEYM’s Policies and Procedures manual. While some tasks need to be done in a timely fashion, particularly the work following Annual Sessions, others can be done at the worker’s discretion.

Hours and Pay. Currently, the position is for 120 hours a year at a rate of $20 per hour. The position is that of an independent contractor rather than an employee. The worker provides the computer and common software, and works from home. Reimbursement is available with receipts for out-of-pocket expenses such as copies provided for a meeting.

Applying for the Position of LEYM Meeting Worker

Applicants should write a letter describing their interest in the position to the clerks of Lake Erie Yearly Meeting and send it by March 8, 2019. The following information should be included:

  • An explanation of the applicant’s expertise and experience relevant to the tasks described in the position description.
  • A description of the candidate’s connections to Lake Erie Yearly Meeting or any of its constituent meetings and worship groups.
  • Names and contact information for two references.

Applications are invited by MARCH 8, 2019.

Submit to:

Nancy Reeves, clerk (
Jo Posti, assistant clerk (
Peter Wood, recording clerk (

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New LEYM minutes posted

LEYM minutes in both Word and PDF formats from 2016, 2017, and 2018 are now available on the LEYM Minutes page under the Resources tab.

A new searchable file with all of the minutes from 2001 through 2018 is also available at the bottom of the page.

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Annie Patterson, Quaker activist folk singer, in concert

Annie Patterson, who co-authored the Rise Up Singing and Rise Again song books, is touring the Midwest with Charlie King. Join them for an evening of powerful singing with two of North America’s best activist folk singers. Charlie’s witty political satire and his uncanny ability to find endearing songs about struggle and the human experience are a natural fit with Annie’s own performing and sing-along work.

They’re giving concerts in the following cities within Lake Erie Yearly Meeting in March:

Click on a city to find out more.

Annie Patterson and Peter Blood’s website

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Participating in God’s Power: A new Quaker program

Do you yearn to open more deeply to a greater sense of God’s presence, power, and guidance? Do you ache to live from the Divine Center? To live a life both deeply grounded and on fire with the Spirit?

The School of the Spirit board joyfully announces the launching of a new program, Participating in God’s Power.  After more than a year and a half of shepherding its beginnings, we celebrate the launch of the website and registration.

Living in solid connection with the Divine is transformational.  But when that Inner Teacher points us to places that aren’t easy to go, what keeps us from following God’s leadings fully and courageously?  The School of the Spirit’s newest program – Participating in God’s Power — models a resilient and thoughtful set of tools for exploring how we let our own brokenness get in the way of a robust trust in God’s guidance.

Participating focuses on ways in which we unconsciously resist being with God’s love, how unhealed or unrecognized aspects of ourselves inhibit our being fully present and alive, and how we can release what obscures our Inner Light. The program also explores ways of repatterning our lives to support living in ongoing transformation.

Through engagement in four residencies and three webinars led by core teachers Angela York Crane and Christopher Sammond, this program will build self-awareness and capacity for wise, brave, Spirit-led risk-taking. Through Quaker worship, structured exercises, and small group practices you will be invited to open more deeply and honestly to God’s presence, guidance, healing, and power.

This year-long program is particularly geared for Friends (and others) who have already participated in a spiritual formation program or the like and who want to go deeper yet, or who seek some renewal in their spiritual lives.

We will begin with an opening retreat in New Hampshire in August 2019; our closing retreat will be in the Philadelphia area in September 2020. Come and be a part of this movement of the Spirit. And please share this widely with those who you think might be seeking  just this opportunity.

The School of the Spirit is a ministry of prayer and learning from a Quaker perspective. For more information, visit their website. A number of LEYM Friends have gone through their year and a half “On Being a Spiritual Nurturer” program.

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FGC announces discounts for families, teens, and young adults for the 2019 Gathering

Is this a year for you and your loved ones to go to the Gathering?

Thanks to a very generous donation to support family and youth attendance, FGC’s Gathering team has announced that the cost for attending the 2019 Gathering for families and teens has been substantially lowered. The Gathering, FGC’s highly-anticipated week of workshops, worship, and community for all ages and from all over North America, will be held at Grinnell College in Grinnell, Iowa from June 30-July 6, 2019.

There will be substantial discounts on program fees as well as the availability of more scholarships for families, teens, and young adults, including:

  • Children and teen program fees are WAIVED
  • 50% of children and teen meal costs are COVERED
  • More scholarships are available to families and teens
  • Young adult Friends (age 18-35) receive a $55 discount on their program fee

Find out more

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Anti-racism update from FGC

How are people in Friends General Conference (FGC) creating community that is accessible, equitable, and transformational? FGC’s task force on our “Institutional Assessment on Systemic Racism within FGC” offered this summary of the ongoing work as of November of 2018:

“Two years after Friends General Conference’s governing body approved the initiation of an institutional assessment on systemic racism within FGC, a summary with recommendations and a full report are now available.

Based on these, FGC’s governing body, Central Committee, has approved a minute to commit FGC to becoming an anti-racist organization in a multi-year process. There was strong unity in the body, which gives hope to many.”

The full report notes that “This will be a multi-year process to uproot from within ourselves the on-going reality of white supremacy that spiritually harms us all.”

Last weekend, FGC’s Executive Committee approved the names for a task force charged with implementing the recommendations and moving the work forward within FGC and with FGC Friends. Stay tuned for further developments.

You can read an interview with the co‐clerks of the original Task Force from the January 2019 issue of Friends Journal.

Marvin Barnes (Birmingham) and Caroline Lejuste (Red Cedar), Lake Erie Yearly Meeting Friends, served on the Task Force. LEYM and individual LEYM meetings have contributed generously toward FGC’s Institutional Assessment. A number of LEYM Friends serve on FGC working groups, committees, Central Committee (the governing body), and Executive Committee.

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Letter from Pittsburgh Friends Meeting

Posted 11/13/18

Dear Friends,

We are so grateful for your words of support as well as your prayers for our community and our nation.  It makes a significant difference in these moments to be reminded of the connections we have with each other.

Recognizing the unique role of guns in this violence, we approved the attached minute at our November Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business.

Like you, we want this and all similar events to translate into Spirit-led action.  Right now there are immediate needs – if you’re led to make financial contributions, THIS link supports families of the victims. The roots of this violence are deep, however, and we pray that the tragedy also renews our vigor, dedication, and perseverance in addressing those.  A sampling of ideas that have surfaced for us so far include:

  • Reassuring immigrants in our communities that they are welcome and have our support – they know their presence in this country was a motivation for the violence.
  • Establishing relationships, or deeper relationships, with any group that feels outside of our normal circle (potentially the Orthodox community, people of other political persuasions, or any number of other groups)
  • Increased pressure on technology companies and elected officials to take responsibility for the social effects of their platforms

There are many other potential actions on individual, group, and institutional levels.  Hillel the Elder’s words sound the clarion call more than ever – “If not now, when?” We pray that all of us will find ways to let our lives speak powerfully to these times.

In the Light,

Kathie Hollingshead, Susan Loucks, and Richard Shaw
Clerks, Pittsburgh Friends Meeting

Pittsburgh Meeting: Minute Responding to Gun Violence in our Society

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News on anti-racism steps in FGC

Posted 11/6/18

A few weeks ago, a detailed report and recommendations on steps we can take to move Friends General Conference toward being an anti-racist organization were brought to FGC’s governing body, Central Committee, by an FGC task force that includes three LEYM Friends. Central Committee, which includes a number of additional LEYM Friends, endorsed these steps and is moving forward with the work. You can read the October Progress Report for FGC’s Institutional Assessment on Systemic Racism within FGC on FGC’s website at the following link:

In short, the approved Central Committee minute reads as follows:

Central Committee approves the establishment of a group to implement the work of the Institutional Assessment on Systemic Racism within Friends General Conference.  Its charge shall be to guide the transformation of Friends General Conference into an anti-racist organization.

Consistent with the decision of Central Committee in 2017 to prioritize the work of anti-racism, FGC commits to work to eliminate white supremacy within the Religious Society of Friends and to model anti-racism as we support the work of this implementation group.

Central Committee authorizes the Institutional Assessment Working Group (IAWG) to serve as a naming committee to bring forward the names of eight Friends to serve on this implementation group.  The names for the implementation group shall be brought forward for approval to Executive Committee at its winter 2019 meeting. The individuals to be recommended shall constitute at least 50 percent Friends of Color and consideration shall be given to include Young Adult Friends and broad geographic representation.

The Implementation Group will use the information and recommendations from the Institutional Assessment on Systemic Racism within Friends General Conference 2018 report to begin their work and its work shall not be limited to the scope of the report and its recommendations. The implementation group shall be accountable to Central Committee and will report its progress to each Executive Committee Meeting and annually to Central Committee.  Central Committee authorizes the IAWG to propose an appropriate budget to support the work of the implementation group and authorizes the Executive Committee to approve that budget at its winter 2019 meeting.

You can also read the Executive Summary and the the full Institutional Assessment Report to FGC’s Central Committee.

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“The Love that Overcomes”

Here’s a beautiful letter in response to the massacre of Jews at worship in Pittsburgh and other recent happenings in the U.S. from New England Yearly Meeting.

The Love that Overcomes

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Fall 2018 Bulletin Available

Editors Peggy Daub & Jeff Cooper of Ann Arbor Meeting have put out the Fall 2018 issue of Lake Erie Yearly Meeting’s newsletter, the Bulletin. You can access it here. Paper copies will be going out to meetings and individuals shortly.

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