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Hello to all of you-

Although it has been a strange, unsettling year, some things do continue to happen. One of these is Ministry and Nurture committee’s announcement of a query for meetings to use for discussion and discernment.

We didn’t write our own query this year. Instead we are asking that you use the queries that are included in the epistle that the Friends of Color of Friends General Conference sent out at the end of their pre-Gathering meeting this summer. The epistle may be found on the FGC website. It is also included as an attachment in this email.

Near the end of the epistle are six queries that the FGC Friends of Color ask all Quakers to consider. Ministry and Nurture is asking that meetings and worship groups read the epistle before meeting to discuss the queries. You can approach the queries as you wish. Some may choose to concentrate on one or two of the questions; others may choose to discuss all of them.

We have made some changes in the timelines for submitting responses to both the query and the State of the Meeting Reports. These are a result of the effort by LEYM to decrease the length of time spent in business meetings at annual sessions. To facilitate this, many of the usual reports need to be available online well before we meet (whether virtually or in person.)

We are asking that you send your query response by January 15, 2021. We are aware that this is considerably earlier than last year’s deadline so, if you really cannot get your response completed by then, please let us know. We simply ask that you get it to us as soon as you can. Please send your responses to Lisa Klopfer at

The state of the meeting reports will be due by May 15. We hope that this is enough notice that you will be able to adjust your meeting schedule for the discernment on these concerns. These will also be sent to Lisa Klopfer.

Last year the Ministry and Nurture committee spent some time learning about the process that meetings follow to support a member who has a leading toward ministry and, in particular, traveling ministry. Thankfully, we had guidance from some LEYM members who have experience on anchoring committees. That resulted in changes to the procedure followed by monthly meetings, primarily by adding greater detail to the description of the procedure and the role of the yearly meeting and Ministry and Nurture Committee.

We ask that monthly meetings become familiar with this updated procedure. The updated procedure will be in the 2020 Annual Records and is available now on the LEYM website under information about this years annual meeting. In addition, Ministry and Nurture will be adding some supplementary materials, including the updated procedure to the Resources Section of the website under the heading of Ministry and Nurture. This information should be available in 3-5 weeks. In addition the committee will be adding some resources for meetings that are experiencing concerns because of interpersonal problems or challenging behavior on the part of a member or members.

We hope that all of you will remember that the Ministry and Nurture Committee is available all year long. If there is a way that we can be of help to you, please reach out to us. The contact info for the co-clerks is given below along with email addresses for all of the committee member.

With deep gratitude for all the work you do in your meetings.

Rebecca Morehouse,, 734 645-4572, Co-clerk

Shelley Kotz,, 419 297-3719, Co-clerk

Maryann Concannon,

Flo Friender,

Lisa Klopfer,

Linda Mills,

David Snyder,

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