Representative Meeting

2021 Representative Meeting – April 2-3

The 2021 Representative Meeting was held online the evening of Friday April 2 (for the Executive Committee only – 6:30 pm start), followed by a broader gathering of Friends on Saturday, April 3 from 9:45 am to 3 pm. This year featured a highly interactive opportunity to join the ad hoc Visioning Committee to consider an updated structure for LEYM. You can view the initial Visioning Committee Summary Report for more information. A summary of the meetings outcomes will be posted when available.

The Agenda for Saturday, April 3 was as follows:

9:45 AM

  • Gather, get settled, receive finance committee report

10:00-3:00 – LEYM Visioning Work

  1. Opening (Intro exercise – worship)
  2. Hearing from you!
  3. Presentation – summary of the committee’s work.  We invite you to track:
    • What resonates (with  me/my Meeting)?
    • What is surprising?
    • What feels exciting? What feels worrisome?
    • What is missing?
  1. Reflection
  2. Queries and Recommendations – review and worshipful discussion
  3. What next steps emerge?

LUNCH BREAK – 12:00-1:00

  •  Recap
  • Identifying the right questions
  •  Planning – paths between now and July’s sessions
  • Asks and offers
  • Closing

Representative meeting in Toledo Ohio as seen from behind the clerk's table.
2012 Representative Meeting in Toledo, Ohio

What It Is

LEYM holds a Representative Meeting in the spring to handle business that has arisen since the previous Annual Sessions and to consider and season matters for the next Annual Sessions. Representative Meeting may make decisions concerning any matter except those specifically reserved for Annual Sessions (see Policies & Procedures Manual), and may forward any matter to Annual Sessions with a recommendation.

Who Attends

Participants at 2012 LEYM Representatives Meeting

Meetings are asked to appoint two representatives so that at least a few Friends from each meeting will attend, participate, and report back. A representative comes with knowledge about his or her meeting and its concerns, but is not bound by instructions. Representatives need to be open to the leadings of the Spirit, just as they would be in any Quaker business meeting. Members of standing committees and officers of the yearly meeting are expected to attend. In addition, any member or attender within LEYM who wishes may participate.

When and Where it is Held

LEYM’s Clerk sets the time and place for Representative Meeting. Currently, it is held on a Saturday at the end of March or beginning of April. It is hosted by different monthly meetings different years. If your meeting is interested in hosting the next one, please contact the Yearly Meeting Clerk.

LEYM on Social Media

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Healthcare, Healing and Anti-racist Standards is the theme of Saturday’s Interest Group Session. Join us at 2pm for the informative event.

Looking for ways you can meaningfully impact the cause of racial justice? Sign up now for Aiming for Justice: Race Reparations and Right Paths with K. Melchor Quick Hall and her team.
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On Thurs, November 4, at 6 p.m. ET, join AFSC online to hear from leaders of the #PoorPeoplesCampaign and see how Quakers across the U.S. and AFSC staff can together take action for economic, racial & gender justice.’s-campaign-quaker-support-then-and-now

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