Resources for Earthcare

Some notes to consider – Dick Hogan

Considerations for Monthly Meetings
assembled by the LEYM Earthcare Committee

“The view of nature which predominated the West down to the eve of the Scientific Revolution was that of an enchanted world. Rocks, trees, rivers and clouds were seen as wondrous, alive, and human beings felt at home in this environment. The cosmos, in short, was a place of belonging.” –Morris Berman in “The Reenchantment of the World”

Some Key Concepts in Earthcare (Getting to the Roots of the Work)

“So, live in the truth by which ye may see over that which stains, corrupts, cankers, loads and burdens the creation.” — George Fox, Journal 1600s

“The produce of the earth is a gift from our gracious creator to the inhabitants, and to impoverish the earth now to support outward greatness appears to be an injury to the succeeding age.” — John Woolman, 1700s

Quaker Earthcare Witness’s Vision and Witness

“We are called to live in right relationship with all Creation, recognizing that the entire world is interconnected and is a manifestation of God. We work to integrate into the beliefs and practices of the Religious Society of Friends the Truth that God’s Creation is to be respected, protected, and held in reverence in its own right and the Truth that human aspirations for peace and justice depend upon restoring the earth’s ecological integrity.

We promote the Truths by being patterns and examples, by communicating our message, and by providing spiritual and material support to those engaged in the compelling task of transforming our relationship with the earth.” QEW, 2000s

Note: A PDF brochure of key Earthcare concepts is available here and can easily be shared with others. LEYM member meetings are encouraged to copy this content and that which follows for their members.

Bioregional Awareness Booklet

Getting Started! Growing Our Sense of Spirit‑Home the Bioregional Way is now available for download in two formats. The 29-page booklet was prepared by the Lake Erie Yearly Meeting Earthcare Committee for attendees of Lake Erie Yearly Meeting in June, 2008, especially for those attending the EarthCare Committee Workshop. All others are encouraged to read and be inspired by this friendly introduction to our local environment.

Get the Getting Started – Standard Version (3.9 MB pdf)
Get the version designed to be printed and compiled into a booklet: Getting Started – Booklet Layout (4.2 MB pdf).