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Spiritual Formation 2023-2024  

The spiritual formation committee has been working hard at planning the coming year’s programming after missing a year.  We began our planning by articulating our commitment to a program that encourages Friends to listen carefully to God’s call in their lives. As our website says, “Through retreats and regular local group meetings, participants create with one another a close faith community for spiritual growth, mutual support and encouragements.  The group provides a structured, supportive community in which each member can discern the divine call and prepare to follow it.”

Fall Retreat at the Weber Center

Let Our Lives Speak; Using Words When Necessary

Our plans for the 2023-2024 year include a Fall retreat at the Weber Center September 8-10 2023, a check-in session on Zoom on a Saturday in January, and a wrap up retreat in the Spring. The Fall retreat will prepare us for our year of individual spiritual practices and our participation in local groups meeting in person or online throughout the months between the two retreats.  Check out the brochure about the 2023-24 program for more information.

Marty Grundy, Retreat Facilitator

We are delighted that Marty Grundy, once a member of Cleveland Monthly Meeting and instrumental in getting LEYM’s spiritual formation going, will be the facilitator for the 2023-2024 retreats. This year’s theme is “Let Our Lives Speak; Using Words When Necessary.” Members of this year’s spiritual formation committee are Ellerie Brownfain, Olwen Pritchard, Barbara LeSage, Valerie Groszmann, Kathleen Helbling and Sally Weaver Sommer.  Any of us would be delighted to talk with you about the program.

Ellerie Brownfain at ellerieb@gmail.com

Kathleen Helbling at kathleenhelbling@yahoo.com

Sally Weaver Sommer at sallyweaversommer@gmail.com

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