Contact information for Meeting Clerks & Worship Group Conveners

For additional information on monthly meetings and worship groups, use the “Meetings & WGs” tab.

Before you use the following information to send out e-mails, you will need to replace the “at” with “@”. Also note that Monthly Meeting clerks and Conveners of Worship Groups can send e-mail messages to a current e-mail list of all monthly meeting clerks and worship group conveners. You can also send the e-mail to the LEYM Worker requesting that he or she send it out.

The information below was last updated in November of 2022. Contact the Database Manager for more up-to-date information.

Meeting or WG Office Name Phone Email
Akron Monthly Meeting Clerk Janet Dando 330 666-7222 dandojanet4 at
Ann Arbor Monthly Meeting Clerk Kevin Miller 734 973-1908 clerks at
Athens Monthly Meeting Clerk Peggy Gish   peggygish at
Birmingham Monthly Meeting Co-Clerk Harriet Greenwood   hlgreenwood4 at
Broadmead Monthly Meeting Clerk Mary Igoe Meyers 419 867-9727 migoemeyers at
Cleveland Monthly Meeting Clerk Jim Brinza 216 849-5039 jbrinza07 at
Delaware Monthly Meeting Clerk Steve Semmler 614 901-0322 semmlerkd at
Detroit Monthly Meeting Co-Clerk Mike Kelly and Cristin Graham (co-clerks)  734 834-5136 Mike Kelly crmnkelly at
Cristin Graham crisgraham at
Erie Worship Group Co-Convener Linda Williams 814 825-2183 desertplumpt9 at
Erie Worship Group Co-Convener Clemence Ravacon Mershon 814 587-3479 andre14 at
Grand Rapids Monthly Meeting Clerk Patricia Pennell 616 891-8817 patricia.pennell at
Granville Monthly Meeting Clerk Jessica Rettig 740 587-9847 rettig at
Green Pastures Quarterly Meeting Co-Clerk Kevin Miller   kevinfmiller at
Green Pastures Quarterly Meeting Co-Clerk Maryann Concannon   anandiyogi at
Holland Monthly Meeting Clerk Larry Dickie 269 857-4694 lawrencedickie at
Indiana Worship Group Convener Yolanda Broad 724 463-9827 ybroad1326 at
Kalamazoo Monthly Meeting Co-Clerk Mark Donovan   markdonovan at
Kalamazoo Monthly Meeting Co-Clerk Raelyn Joyce   raejoyce10 at
Kent Monthly Meeting Clerk Barb Warrington 330 342-3503 bjwarrington at
Manitou Worship Group Co-Convener Penny Herd 231 352-4470 herdwho at
Manitou Worship Group Co-Convener Robert Foulkes 231 256-9351 robert at
Mid-Ohio Valley Monthly Meeting Clerk Jean Ambrose 304 679-3970 jeanambrose8 at
North Columbus Monthly Meeting Clerk Susan Towner-Larsen 614 620-3588 northcolumbusfriends at
Oberlin Monthly Meeting Co-Clerk Elizabeth Hole   eliz.hole at
Oberlin Monthly Meeting Co-Clerk Ann Francis   francis.annm at
Pine River Worship Group Convener Laura Gourlay   lauragourlay at
Pittsburgh Monthly Meeting Co-Clerk Richard Shaw 412 719-8031 pfmclerks at
Red Cedar Monthly Meeting Clerk Jack Smith   jsmith at
Somerset Worship Group Co-Convener Carol Famariss 814 443-3010 c_famariss at
Somerset Worship Group Co-Convener Brenda Benner 412 661-1529 blbenner66 at
Tustin Worship Group Convener Mitzi Ruswick 231 829-3440 pinecreekprints at
Waysmeet Worship Group Convener Paula Deming 614 846-7459 pdeming3506 at
Wooster Monthly Meeting Clerk Dorothy Stratton   dstratto at

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Engaging with conflict and challenging hate: Toolkit for action is the title of a really insightful guide put together by British Friends. While it draws in examples from the UK, the lessons are applicable well beyond it.

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