Published Resources

Published Resources for Meeting Clerks and Worship Group Conveners in Lake Erie Yearly Meeting

(This resource list is also available in PDF or DOC format)

Web Resources

  • LEYM web site:

    Sections include:

    • Calendar of LEYM events and deadlines
    • Info for Meeting Clerks
    • LEYM News, which includes copies of the Bulletin
    • Annual Meeting Info
    • Spiritual Formation Program
    • Find a Meeting – a directory of all meetings and worship groups within LEYM, including contacts and how to attend worship
    • About Us (Quakers) and Contact Information
    • Youth Pages
    • LEYM Committee Pages
    • Other Quaker Links
  • Resources for meetings can be found at the Advancement and Outreach committee page

  • Create a web page for your Meeting or Worship Group

    • LEYM hosts a basic web page for a number of individual meetings and worship groups. To find out more about this possibility for your group, contact the web master.
    • A pamphlet on both technical and process issues in developing and maintaining a meeting web site is on the the Advancement & Outreach Committee page.

LEYM Publications

  • LEYM Policies and Procedures

    For those interested in the policies and procedures of LEYM, see the policy manual page.
  • The Bulletin

    LEYM’s newsletter, The Bulletin, comes out 3 times a year in the winter, spring, and fall. Paper copies are available to meetings and individuals, and electronic versions are posted for download at

    Items that are scheduled to go in the Bulletin each year include:

    • Condensed minutes and reports from Annual Sessions (Fall)
    • Information about upcoming Representative Meeting (Winter)
    • Reports from LEYM representatives to wider Quaker organizations
    • Minutes from Rep. Meeting (Spring)
    • All necessary information for and about the next Annual Sessions (Spring)

    Meetings are asked to send a copy of their meeting newsletters to the Bulletin editor. See for e-mail and mailing addresses.

  • Annual Records

    Each year following Annual Sessions, LEYM publishes a book of Annual Records that includes the following:

    • Annual calendar for LEYM
    • Minutes from Representative Meeting
    • Minutes from Annual Sessions
    • Text of the Plenary Session at Annual Session
    • Summaries of workshops at Annual Session
    • Text of the YM Epistle
    • Texts of the Epistles from the Infants & Toddlers, Early Elementary, Upper Elementary, Middle School, and High School groups at YM
    • History & Description of LEYM
    • Texts of the State of the Meeting Reports submitted by meetings and worship groups to LEYM’s Ministry & Nurture Committee
    • Member and attender statistics as reported in meetings’ annual Statistical Reports to the YM database manager
    • A directory of meetings and worship groups with information on worship time & place with contact information as reported to the YM database manager in the Statistical Reports
    • Meeting and worship group clerks and heads of committees as reported to the the YM database manager in the Statistical Reports
    • A directory of names & contact information for attenders at Annual Sessions, LEYM officers, committee members, representatives to other Quaker organizations, monthly meeting officers, worship group conveners, and monthly meeting clerks/conveners of committees

    Copies are distributed to meetings and LEYM officers and committee members as needed for reference. For more information, contact the clerk of the Publications and Archives Committee (contact information is at

  • Faith and Practice

    LEYM has not created its own book of Faith and Practice. Until it does, it recommends that meetings either develop their own meeting discipline as a guide for orderly procedure or use Philadelphia Yearly Meeting’s Faith and Practice. Some meetings also like to refer to the Faith and Practices of other yearly meetings, e.g., Britain Yearly Meeting.


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