LEYM Chronology

1939Cleveland Great Lakes Regional Meeting organized
1940Ann Arbor (Lane Hall)  
1942Pittsburgh “Fourth Annual Great Lakes Regional Conference,  New and United Meetings”
1943(no record found)  
1945(no record found)  
1946(no record found)  
1947Patterson Lake, MI (Ann Arbor-Detroit)  
1948Camp Wise (Cleveland-Oberlin)  
1949Delaware (Columbus)  
1950Camp Lutherlyn (Pittsburgh)  
1951Green Pastures (Ann Arbor-Detroit)  
1952Hiram House Camp (Cleveland)Winthrop LeedsFWCC–Oxford, England; Sheldon and Lucy Clark, Dick McCoy, Dorothy Kinsey, Ruth Hyde
1954Camp Lutherlyn (Pittsburgh)  
1955Green Pastures (Ann Arbor-Detroit)Martin CobinFWCC Statement of  “Objectives and Organization of the Lake Erie Association” adopted
1956Friends Boarding School, BarnesvilleBill BlissSunday dinner cost 85¢
1957Wilmington CollegeIsabel Bliss 
1958Friends Boarding SchoolBernard GrossFWCC–Bad Pyrmont, Germ.; Florence Shute, Bill Preis. Budget 1958-59: $475
1959Wilmington CollegeDick Stow 
1960Camp Mary Orton (N. Columbus)William Johnson 
1961Friends Boarding SchoolHoward HarrisLEYM Bulletin started. Elise Boulding, first editor. FWCC–Kenya; Margaret Utterbeck, Winifred Crossman
1962Wilmington and Waynesville (with Indiana YM)Bob Blood 
1963Friends Boarding SchoolBob BloodLake Erie Yearly Meeting formed within Lake Erie Association
1964Wilmington CollegeHoward McKinneyFWCC–Ireland; Bill and Isabel Bliss. Pittsburgh joins LEYM. Delaware first new Monthly Meeting in LEYM
1965Malone College, Canton, OHHoward McKinneyKent becomes MM. Oberlin joins LEYM. Cleveland joins both LEYM and Ohio (Cons.) YM
1966Wilmington CollegeEsther EwaldAdopted statement urging U.S. withdrawal from Vietnam
1967Olney Friends School (Friends Boarding School)Esther EwaldLEYM affiliated with FGC. FWCC–Guilford; Rilma Buckman, Helen Healy
1968Bluffton CollegeFlora McKinneyApproved minute opposing conscription
1969Bluffton CollegeFlora McKinney“Association” dropped from name. Ground broken for Friends School in Detroit’s permanent building
1970Bluffton CollegeFlora McKinneyFWCC–Sweden; Flora and Howard McKinney, Bill Bliss
1971Bluffton CollegeFlora McKinney 
1972Ann ArborRilma Buckman 
1973Olney Friends SchoolRilma BuckmanFWCC–Sydney, Australia; Paul Reagan, Dorothy Bower
1974Hiram CollegeRilma BuckmanBroadmead accepted as MM
1975Hiram CollegeRalph LiskeProcedures of LEYM adopted
1976Hiram CollegeRalph LiskeFWCC–Hamilton, Ontario
1977Hiram CollegeRalph Liske 
1978Hiram CollegeRalph LiskeMembership passed 1000. Budget reached $4000.
1979Hiram CollegeSam PrellwitzFWCC–Gwatt, Switzerland; Benton Meeks, Evelyn Culver
1980Hiram CollegeSam Prellwitz 
1981Olney Friends SchoolSam Prellwitz,
Claire Davis
1982Defiance CollegeClaire Davis,
Sam Prellwitz
FWCC–Kenya; Marybeth Neal, Joe Davis
1983Olney Friends SchoolClaire Davis,
Isabel Bliss
1984Defiance CollegeIsabel Bliss,
Claire Davis
1985Olney Friends SchoolIsabel Bliss,
Dick Taylor
FWCC–Mexico; Thomas Taylor
1986Defiance CollegeDick Taylor,
Isabel Bliss
1987Olney Friends SchoolDick Taylor,
Clémence Ravaçon-Mershon
1988Bluffton CollegeClémence Ravaçon- Mershon,
Dick Taylor
FWCC–Tokyo; Jean Stuntz, Terry Landoll
1989Olney Friends SchoolClémence Ravaçon-Mershon,
Marty Grundy
1990Bluffton CollegeMarty Grundy, Clémence Ravaçon-Mershon 
1991Olney Friends SchoolMarty Grundy,
Pat Campbell
FWCC World Conf. – Netherlands, Honduras, Kenya. Claire Davis, Patricia Thomas, John Musgrave, Clémence Ravaçon-Mershon, Dick Taylor
1992Olney Friends SchoolPat Campbell,
Marty Grundy
1993Bluffton CollegePat Campbell,
Damon Hickey
1994Bluffton CollegeDamon Hickey,
Pat Campbell
FWCC–Albuquerque, NM; Rosemary Coffey, Joyce Balderston
1995Bluffton CollegeDamon Hickey,
John Howell
Adopted LEYM Policies and Procedures
1996Bluffton CollegeDamon Hickey,
John Howell
1997Bluffton CollegeJohn Howell,
Damon Hickey
FWCC–Birmingham, Eng.; R. Coffey (repl. Rosemary Lore), Merry Stanford
1998Bluffton CollegeJohn Howell,
Janet Smith
1999Bluffton CollegeJanet Smith,
John Howell
2000Bluffton CollegeJanet Smith,
Don Nagler
FWCC–Geneva Point, NH; Beth Joy Blackbird, Richard Lee. First Annual Records published in booklet form
2001Bluffton CollegeDon Nagler,
Janet Smith
Commemorated on the web in photos by Bill Hummon with Plenary Address by Marty Grundy: Some Thoughts on the Relationship between an Individual and the Meeting
2002Bluffton CollegeDon Nagler,
Sally Weaver Sommer
2003Bluffton CollegeSally Weaver Sommer,
Don Nagler
2004Bluffton CollegeSally Weaver Sommer,
Michael Fuson
FWCC–Auckland, NZ; Zig Dermer, Margaret Kanost
2005Bluffton UniversityMichael Fuson, Sally Weaver Sommer 
2006Bluffton UniversityMichael Fuson,
Shirley Bechill
2007Bluffton UniversityShirley Bechill,
Michael Fuson
First Adult Young Friends Group. FWCC–Dublin, Ireland; Raelyn Joyce, Mike Hinshaw
2008Bluffton UniversityShirley Bechill,
Merry Stanford
Holland accepted as MM
2009Bluffton UniversityMerry Stanford,
Shirley Bechill
Scholarships assist first-time attenders
2010Bluffton UniversityMerry Stanford,
Peggy Daub
Family attendance encouraged by meeting later in summer and no charge for young Friends (through age 18)
2011Bluffton UniversityPeggy Daub,
Merry Stanford
Presentations and entertainment offered from within LEYM
2012Bluffton UniversityPeggy Daub, Rebecca MorehouseHigh School retreat held at and during Annual Sessions.
2013Bluffton UniversityPeggy Daub, Sally Weaver Sommer50th Anniversary celebration. Work camp held before Annual Meeting.
2014Bluffton UniversitySally Weaver Sommer, Peggy DaubThree-day work camp in Detroit preceding Annual Meeting
2015Bluffton UniversitySally Weaver Sommer, Mike HoladayPlenary Address: Unconventional Joy: The Scandalous Ministry of Befriending, by Merry Stanford
2016Bluffton UniversityMike Holaday, Sally Weaver SommerFWCC – World Plenary in Pisac, Peru; Jana Norlin, C. Ravacon-Mershon attending.
2017Bluffton UniversityMike Holaday, [none]Plenary address and three workshops presented by young adult Friends.
2018Bluffton UniversityNancy Reeves, Mike HoladayPlenary address by Yvette Shipman, Steps to “green” Annual Meeting meals.
2019Bluffton UniversityNancy Reeves, Jo PostiPlenary address by Joyce Ajlouny, Harassment Policy approved.
2020Virtual (Zoom)Jo Posti, Nancy ReevesCovid-19 pandemic necessitated online meeting.
2021Virtual (Zoom)Jo Posti, Susan LoucksPlenary address by Paula Palmer: From Truth to Healing with Native Peoples
2022Virtual (Zoom)Susan Loucks, Jo PostiTheme “Many Roots, One Tree” interwoven throughout sessions. Plenary address by Christian Acemah, Head of Olney Friends School.
2023Ashland University, Ashland Ohio and Virtual (Zoom)Susan Loucks, [none]Theme “Navigating Anew” apt for new location. Plenary address by Emily Provance. 60th anniversary.

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