Quaker Contemplative Retreat April 5-8, 2018

Join us for “Contemplation and Joy: A Contemplative Retreat in the Manner of Friends,” led by April Allison of Red Cedar Meeting and Roger Hansen from April 5-8, 2018. The retreat, offered through The School of the Spirit, will be held at the Siena Center in Racine, Wisconsin. 

 The Siena Center is located on Lake Michigan, and the lakefront should be beautiful as we move into the season of rebirth and growth. The center is accessible for those retreat participants who need a barrier free venue.

 At its heart, the retreat is a time when we can simply be with God, attend to the divine stirrings in our souls, and open to grace. During this retreat, participants will experience the distinctly Quaker manner of knowing solitude in community. There will be individual silent time for prayer, reflection, rest, walks, and contemplative interaction with scripture and other spiritual resources.

 Sinking down into the silence, we may want to give voice occasionally to what is encountered there. Thus there will also be opportunities for speaking out of the silence in a reflection group, as well as an invitation to meet one-on-one with a retreat leader. In our sharing, our souls touch and we find ourselves gathered in blessed community.

 April Allison and Roger Hansen are now offering their fifth contemplative retreat in Wisconsin. Roger (Milwaukee, Northern Yearly Meeting) has helped to lead retreats in Ohio, New York, and Pennsylvania, and has formed spiritual nurture groups in several monthly meetings. April (Red Cedar, Lake Erie Yearly Meeting) is contemplative by na­ture and justice seeking by conviction. She is a SotS board member and a spiritual director.

 You can find more information and register online through the School of the Spirit website. We offer a flexible fee schedule. 

 For online registration

 We hope to see at the Siena Center in the spring. And, of course, if you know of others who may be interested, please spread the word.

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Pendle Hill: Compassionate Listening, May 12, 2018

Leader: Yael Petretti

May 12, 2018: 9:30am to 5:00pm

“I can’t talk to him/her/‘them’ . . .”

Do you have friends who voted for the “other” candidate?
Do you dread family gatherings because you and your uncle disagree about just about everything?
Frustrated in the face of so much polarization and knowing that we need to revive civil dialogue if we are to resolve the problems that confront us — personal and political?

We can dig ourselves out of this painful polarization.

Compassionate Listening was developed by Quakers and is used around the world — and at home — in conflict situations. In this Compassionate Listening workshop , you will learn to:

  • Suspend judgment
  • Maintain balance in the heat of conflict
  • Listen and speak from the heart with kindness and honesty
  • Practice being present to the speaker
  • Heal alienation, lower tension, and eliminate violence.

Full information

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Pendle Hill: Nurturing Faithfulness, Apr 15-19, 2018

A short course with Marcelle Martin

This course offers an opportunity to open more fully to God. We will learn practices for sensing the movement of the Spirit, clarifying discernment, responding with faith, and encouraging faithful action. We will engage in the Faithfulness Group process, a practice which can provide ongoing support for a Spirit-led life. The rhythm of our days will include silence, prayer, time in nature, small groups, study of short Quaker texts, inspiring stories of early and contemporary Quakers, and sharing from the heart. There will be extended time for worship together and the opportunity to bless each other’s next steps in faithfulness.

Full information

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Winter Bulletin now available (January 2018)

The new Bulletin is now available.

Copies have been e-mailed to those who have requested them. You can go here to sign up to receive a copy of each Bulletin as it is published.

Paper copies are at the printer and should be arriving at your meeting or worship group in the next couple of weeks.

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FGC job (can work from home): one-year, part-time, “Welcoming Friend” project assistant

The Welcoming Friend Project is being developed by FGC to help Friends in monthly and yearly meetings adopt effective welcoming practices, particularly with people of color as well as people of all ages, incomes, sexual orientations, and more.

The Welcoming Friend Project Assistant will work closely with other FGC staff to plan and implement the first year of the Welcoming Friend Project. The Assistant will help to recruit project participants, coordinate their work through the project phases, and help establish a plan and volunteer team that can continue the work past the end of this limited term position.

This is a one-year, part-time, term-limited position.  The person who holds this position can work from anywhere in the U.S., or on-site at the FGC Office in Philadelphia.

Full information

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Pendle Hill: Matthew, Mark, Luke, and Us: Gospel and Community, Apr 8-12, 2018

A short course with Doug Gwyn and Francisco Burgos

April 8-12, 2018: Sunday, 4:30pm through Thursday, 1:00pm

The New Testament gospels associated with the names Matthew, Mark, and Luke were probably the work of whole communities of first-century Christians. Over the course of decades, they remembered the life and teachings of Jesus, and prophesied in his Spirit, to create the story we inherit today. As a twenty-first-century community, we will listen together to the teachings and stories of Jesus, seeking our own answers to his question, “Who do you say that I am?

Francisco Burgos will add further perspective from the community-centered Bible study methods of the liberation theology movement in Latin America. In addition, we will listen to some classic Quaker texts to bridge between the ancient text and our own experience. Participants may wish to bring their preferred translation of the Bible.

Full information

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Quakers and Business Conference June 29 – July 1, 2018

The fifth Quakers and Business Conference will be held just prior to the Gathering in Toledo, Ohio, in 2018.

As we look around today, we see the polarization of wealth in our economy and the world, and within that, the seeds of war. We see an ongoing addiction to money in our society and seek, individually and as a community, to build a more sustainable culture that incorporates our Quaker social testimonies. as a community, to build a more sustainable culture that incorporates our Quaker social testimonies.

We will be exploring business as an agent of social change. Specifically, can we as Quaker business people bring about a more just and equitable society through sourcing and investing our capital – financial, human, social and spiritual – in meaningful ways?

Learn more about the Quakers & Business Conference

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Adult Young Friends Retreat June 30, 2018

Adult Young Friends (age 18-35) will hold a one day retreat prior to the Gathering in Toledo, Ohio on Saturday, June 30.

This year’s AYF Retreat will be a day of reflection and skill-building around race and white supremacy. We’ll discuss how this affects our lives and communities, and what actions we can take.

Learn more about the AYF Retreat

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Retreat for People of Color and their Families June 29 – July 1, 2018

Friends of Color and multiracial families are invited to a retreat immediately prior to the 2018 FGC Gathering in Toledo, Ohio. This retreat is for Friends attending the Gathering only.  Find out more about:

Why a Retreat
Where and When
Cost and Financial Aid
How to Register
Invite a Friend
Retreat Organizers

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Request for proposals for Workshops for 2018 Annual Meeting

Do you have an idea for a workshop to give at LEYM’s Annual Sessions July 26-29 in Bluffton, Ohio? The deadline to submit a proposal to LEYM’s Program Committee is February 11.

Complete information

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