Try a Quaker Cloud Meeting Website for Free

Does you meeting or worship group need a new website with a place to store minutes and an easy-to-use directory feature? If so, you can try the Quaker Cloud for FREE from now until September 30, 2017.

Thanks to the generosity of anonymous donors, Quaker meetings that are new subscribers can use the Quaker Cloud free until the end of September 2017. After that, you’ll be billed annually for a subscription.

Now’s the perfect time to give the Quaker Cloud a try! To take advantage of this limited-time offer, visit the Quaker Cloud website where you’ll learn more about the Quaker Cloud.

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Resources to help meetings

As autumn approaches are you looking for resources to help you welcome newcomers, revitalize worship, do outreach, or deepen spiritual life in the meeting? If so, check out FGC’s Quaker Meeting Toolbox for a curated list of tools to help you as you create a dynamic Quaker community.

Click here to access the Quaker Meeting Toolbox.

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FWCC Traveling Ministry Corps for Young Adult Friends

FWCC (Friends World Committee for Consultation) is currently taking applications for the Traveling Ministry 2018 group, which will be composed of Young Adult Friends.

We are looking for Friends who are:

  • Spiritual and religious
  • Adventurous
  • Friendly
  • Ages 18-35

More information and the application form can be found at

Here is a link to the application:


Please share them with anyone you think would be interested or who would know people who would be appropriate.


If you have any questions, you can reach me at this email or my cell 513.593.6042. You can also contact Robin Mohr, Executive Secretary of the Friends World Committee for Consultation Section of the Americas, at or via the Section’s Facebook page.


In friendship,


Anne M. Hutchinson
Traveling Ministry Corps Program Group

FWCC Section of the Americas

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Sign up for e-mail updates on 2018 FGC Gathering in Toledo

The 2018 FGC Gathering will be held at the University of Toledo in Toledo, OH, on July 1st through 7th. Visit FGC’s website to request email updates and the Gathering Advance Program for the 2018 Gathering.

Click here to receive updates about the 2018 Gathering as they happen.

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Update: FGC’s Institutional Assesment on Race

We are delighted to share the news that FGC’s Institutional Assessment on Race will move forward this fall thanks to $62,350 raised by 62 individual supporters, 21 Monthly Meetings, and 4 Yearly Meetings*. FGC invites Friends to learn about this work on the FGC website, and will share periodic updates in the Vital Friends e-newsletter and on social media as they become available.

*including LEYM

Read more about the Institutional Assessment on Race

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Week-Long Quaker Climate Pilgrimage Between New Hampshire Coal Plants Ends With Worship & Civil Disobedience

July 15, 2017

Bow, NH – After a week of walking, a group of New England Quakers and fellow travelers concluded a sixty mile pilgrimage between New Hampshire’s two coal-burning power plants Saturday, carrying their concern about potentially catastrophic climate change. The plant in Bow is the last such all-coal facility in New England that doesn’t yet have a shutdown date.

After an hour-long worship gathering of 50 people near the gates of the plant, a smaller group walked the tracks and set up an encampment on Eversource property blockading rail deliveries of coal to the station. The group has erected tents and a scaffolding structure and is planning to stay.

Honor Woodrow, a Quaker and preschool teacher from Arlington, Massachusetts, joined the walk on July 9th in Dover. Speaking after the hour long worship service today she said, “This is a journey of pilgrimage, which means it is a journey of introspection and deep listening for the guidance of the Holy Spirit. All of us struggle with the question of what to do in the face of climate change”

The group sent a letter to plant officials last week inviting them to join them for worship.

While participants came from across New England, the worship at the plant was sponsored by Concord Friends Meeting. “We built our new Meetinghouse to be green, we have worked for alternative power and reducing environmental damage from fossil fuels,” said J.J. Smith, a member of the Concord Meeting and resident of Pembroke. “But there is a limit to what we as individuals can do. We need to change human hearts and minds in the face of climate change, and it is far past time we shut this plant down,” she said.

Eversource is in the state mandated process of selling the Merrimack station, along with several other facilities in New Hampshire. Final bid submissions are due in August.

That sentiment was echoed by John Humphries of Hartford Connecticut. He joined 20 others occupying the rail spur leading to the power plant’s towering coal pile. “This is the perfect time for Eversource officials to retire this facility and dismantle it, rather than sell it. And it’s the responsibility of the company and the government to protect the workers and the Town of Bow so that this necessary change is borne by all of us, not just a few,” said Humphries. “In the absence of government preserving our life, liberty and happiness – it is up to citizens ourselves to put our bodies where are mouths are and to act as if the truth about climate change is actually true.”

Katherine Fisher co-owns Great Sky Solar in Cambridge, MA and joined the pilgrims for worship Saturday morning. “Climate change is the defining issue of our time. Just this past week an iceberg the size of Delaware broke off of Antarctica. How can it be legal to keep burning coal, and illegal to get in the way of it being burned, when poor people and communities of color around the world are suffering from climate catastrophe now, when our planet is headed for unlivable conditions, and the President won’t even abide by the insufficient measures of the Paris climate accord? And how am I supposed to live and repent in this economic system that keeps us complicit?” she said.

While blockaders are painting a large banner to be hung from the 12 foot scaffolding erected on the tracks, another banner waves in the wind that reads, “our witness is rooted in reverence.”

Woodrow said, “What’s happening today is witness – witnessing to the power of God to transform ourselves and transform the world. The Quaker tradition tells us that when things feel baffling, when we feel weak, vulnerable, unworthy, and confused – that that is the moment when we might receive wisdom – and if our actions spring from this place, wonderful things might be revealed.”

Interviews with blockaders and photos available on request. Follow @QuakerClimate on Twitter and

For more information, contact:

Katherine Fisher
John Humphries

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Quaker Religious Ed. Collaborative Annual Gathering Aug 18-20

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Quaker Religious Ed. Collaborative wants your input

You are invited to help the Quaker RE Collaborative (QREC) take stock of our work, service, and ministry. Our intention is for a broad listening before we convene at Quaker Hill August 18-20, 2017. The QREC Steering Circle is reaching out to Friends far and wide. Think of this as an invitation to reflect on our State of Society as religious education practitioners. Respond as an individual or convene a Listening Circle to hold the questions with you and prayerfully reflect as a group.

Tell us how it is going, how the network may serve you better and ways you might be moved to serve and engage!

State of the Practitioner
• What gives you hope in Quaker religious education?
• What are areas of struggle and challenge in this work?

State of the Ministry
• Are there growing edges in your work where you would appreciate more support and resources?
• What topics are especially alive in your meeting and First Day programs this year? What’s on the horizon for next year?
• What is working well in your monthly meeting and yearly meeting?

State of the Community of Practice
• How are you experiencing QREC communications, i.e. “Connections” (e-newsletter), Facebook posts, our website?
• What skills and gifts might you offer to our QREC community?

Quaker Religious Education Collaborative
Joining Hands in Service to Quaker Religious Education

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GPQM Annual Worship at Quaker Park

Sunday, August 6, Green Pastures Quarterly Meeting is holding its annual worship and potluck at Quaker Park in Battle Creek at 11 a.m.   Bring chairs or blankets to sit on.

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Spring 2017 Bulletin with info on Annual Sessions available

The new Bulletin has been posted on-line. It has information and registration forms for LEYM’s Annual Sessions.

Open Bulletin

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