Save the Date: Green Pastures Quarterly Meeting Midwinter Gathering


Theme: “Finding Our Spiritual Foundation for Environmental Work”

Saturday, February 1, 2020, at Red Cedar Meeting, 1400 Turner Street, Lansing; 9:30 am

Featured Speaker:  Gretel Van Wieren, a professor at MSU who teaches courses on religion, ethics, and the environment

More information will be available soon.

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LEYM Fall Bulletin Deadline is 10/15

Items to be published in the Fall Bulletin of Lake Erie Yearly Meeting should be received by the Bulletin editors by Tuesday, October 15.

Examples of items to send:

  • news items from yearly meeting committees
  • photographs from Annual Sessions or monthly meeting activities
  • articles or photographs from local monthly meetings or worship groups
  • news of regional conference/retreats
  • news of individual Friends

Send to:

Thank you, Peggy Daub & Jeff Cooper Co-Editors, LEYM Bulletin

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World Quaker Day is October 6, 2019!

World Quaker Day, supported by Friends World Committee for Consultation (FWCC), is happening this Sunday, October 6 across the globe. You can find out more at the website. Here’s a message from FWCC regarding the day:

This year’s theme is Sustainability: Planting Seeds of Renewal for the World We Love

FWCC invites you to join Quakers around the world for the 6th annual World Quaker Day.

Across our churches, meetings, countries and sections, we feel the power of God connecting us in to a faithful family. We celebrate all expressions of Quaker worship!

Visit the resources page for ideas on how to get involved.

Please send us your photos and reports from the day by emailing If you have a video to share, please send it to via WeTransfer.

World Quaker Day Logo

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Green Pastures Quarterly Meeting September 21, 2019

Quick Reminder: The Fall 2019 Green Pastures Quarterly Meeting (GPQM) is next Saturday:

September 21 2019
Michigan Friends Center
Chelsea Michigan

GPQM Associated meetings: Ann Arbor, Birmingham, Detroit, Grand Rapids, Holland, Kalamazoo, and Red Cedar. Associated Worship groups: Manitou, Pine River, and Tustin.

The Meeting for Business will discern proposed new by-laws.
Following lunch there will be an informal program focused on communication and future of GPQM.  Peace!

Deborah Wickering
Co- Clerk Green Pastures Quarterly Meeting
Professor Emerita of Anthropology

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Friends Couple Enrichment Retreat Nov 15-17 2019

There are few things more fulfilling in life than being deeply understood by the one who loves you, and deeply understanding the one you love. The Couple Enrichment Dialogue, in which we listen tenderly and speak authentically, is a spiritual practice that helps us gain this kind of deep understanding. If you would like to learn how to use the Couple Enrichment Dialogue to give and receive the gift of understanding with your beloved, and to introduce this spiritual practice to your partnership, please join us for this residential retreat. It will be a special time!  (get Friends Couple Enrichment Retreat flyer)

When: We begin on Friday, November 15 at 6 pm and end with lunch on Sunday at 1 pm. We will finish each evening at 9 pm.

Where: Weber Retreat Center, 1257 E. Siena Heights Drive, Adrian, MI 49221-1793. The center is close to Ann Arbor, Detroit, and Toledo, and is a one-hour drive from the Detroit Metropolitan Airport (DTW).

Cost: $350 per couple covers rooms, food, and retreat costs. Please note: In order to keep costs as low as possible, Merry and Peter are donating their time to this event and are not able to offer a discounted rate. However, more couples participating means that costs can be shared. Invite your friends so that the cost can be reduced for everyone! Limited to 10 couples.

Who: Open to any committed couple, regardless of marital status, religious affiliation, gender identity, sexual orientation.

Retreat Leaders: We are Merry Stanford and Peter Wood, of Red Cedar Friends Meeting in Lansing, Michigan, and have been leading Couple Enrichment events since 1995. Peter is a psychotherapist in full-time private practice, working with individuals and couples. Merry is a psychotherapist, spiritual director, and energy medicine practitioner. We have been married for 29 years, following previously failed marriages. We credit the Couple Enrichment dialogue process with helping us grow a healthy relationship through difficult as well as joyful times, while also growing individually. We have used the principles of Couple Enrichment to raise two children, now grown, and to help faith communities speak together about sensitive and divisive issues.

To pre-register or to ask questions, please contact us at . To find out more about Couple Enrichment, and to see a sample of dialogue in action, view our Quaker Speak video! Go to .

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Broadmead MM Fall Retreat – Steps towards Anti-Racism and Justice

Broadmead Monthly Meeting is hosting a Fall Retreat that all of LEYM is invited to participate in.

Date: Oct. 11th – 13th 2019
Retreat Theme: Steps towards Anti-Racism and Justice

Presenters: Carolyn Lejuste & Jamie Archer

Location: St. Francis Spirituality Center, Tiffin, Ohio

A brochure with additional registration information is available here.

Checkin starts at 6:30 pm Fri. (supper is NOT provided)
Program starts at 7:00 pm

More about the Presenters:

Carolyn Lejuste is a member of Red Cedar Friends in Lansing MI. She has represented LEYM on the Friends General Conference Central Committee and served on the Institutional Assessment on Racism Task Force. She currently is co-clerking the assessment Implementation Group whose charge is to encourage FGC to implement the report’s recommendations.

Jamie Archer is a member of Red Cedar Friends Meeting in Lansing, MI. She currently works at Michigan State University for the College of Education, where she implements the Intercultural Development Inventory, an assessment that helps students, staff, and faculty grow in their cultural competence. She is also serving her fourth year on the Midwest Region Executive Committee for the American Friends Service Committee.


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Write for Friends Journal Special Issue on Quaker Kids?

Friends Journal is devoting a whole issue to Quaker kids later this year. Everything from activity pages to mini-graphic novels to memes to serious articles on growing up Quaker or teaching religious education are fair game. Submissions are due Sept 16.

More information here

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Lake Erie Yearly Meeting’s Harassment Policy

Lake Erie Yearly Meeting wants to make its Annual Gathering and other committee meetings, visits, and programs free of harassment. This policy addresses a number of forms of harassment, described within the policy. Our consciousness of the need to prevent and respond to these types of harassment has been heightened by our realization that such behavior does occur at Friends’ events..

We will post contact information for the Harassment Discernment Committee here once members have been identified.

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2019 Epistle to Friends Everywhere

Epistle to all Friends 
Lake Erie Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends 
July 25-28, 2019
Bluffton University, Bluffton, Ohio


“(We) remain(s) a vibrant community of dedicated, caring, flawed and lovely Quakers. Gathering together for worship, study, fellowship or work strengthens our bonds and renews our spirits.  We face the uncertain future not afraid and not alone. Puzzled sometimes and often tired but willing to try in love, in kindness, in hope and grace.  We are finding our way step by prayed step.”

Kalamazoo Friends Meeting

To Friends Everywhere,

We arrived in Bluffton, Ohio from college towns like Ann Arbor and Athens, big cities like Pittsburgh and Cleveland and communities throughout Ohio, Michigan and Pennsylvania with small worship groups and growing meetings. Bluffton is a place that for many is full of memories of past yearly meeting sessions; those that gathered found comfort in the familiar and also  engaged energetically with what is new.   

The 25 participants in the children’s program delighted to be with each other and spent their time singing, crafting, and in active play.  Our evening of talent and ice cream brought out surprises and hidden skills among us, including delightful round-singing by the children, original poetry and song, and music from Pete Seeger to J.S. Bach. We heard creative re-interpretations of a Psalm and of Micah 6.  Four Friends presented a report on their sojourn at the FWCC Section of the Americas gathering in dramatic form, some of it in Spanish, ending in the group song that summed up their joyful experience of listening and ministering with Evangelical, Conservative and Unprogrammed Friends:  Demos Gracias al Señor.

We were led to go deeper in our corporate business. With thoughtful, substantive consideration of inclusion, we approved a new policy to provide guidance to adults who feel they have experienced harassment during our time together and  developed a new scholarship fund for LEYM youth who choose to attend a Quaker college or internship experience. The theme of inclusion was also reflected in discussion of FGC’s process of becoming an anti-racist organization, and in reports on how individual meetings within LEYM have taken up this work.  We were reminded that true anti-racist practice – and indeed, radical inclusion on a wider scale – must be practiced like preventative dental care. While there is no fixed destination or closure to this work, we had the hopeful sense that in many cases, we are reporting from a place of new experimentation and implementation – one step along the way. 

One example of this experimentation was our intentionality around food choices during Sessions.  Broadmead Monthly Meeting, in coordination with LEYM’s Earthcare Committee created signage around the dining hall that educated us on the environmental cost of different food choices, menus were largely vegetarian, and youth served as compost helpers/educators.  Both participants and dining hall staff were enthusiastic about the resulting reduction in waste and impact. 

Our plenary speaker Joyce Ajlouny, American Friends Service Committee’s General Secretary, shared information on AFSC’s history as well as the ways its work is manifesting in the world, led by people who are impacted by oppression.  Their current planning process is illustrating that AFSC fills needs where others do not go. Its work shows ways we can join in their courage to accompany and support those whose voices are silenced, including immigrants, the incarcerated, and – as Joyce shared in stories from her own life –  the Palestinian people.   

Reflections on gaps in our nominating committee slate and a dinner with Monthly Meeting clerks provoked reflection on the core value of LEYM to its members.  We know that many members of monthly meetings do not even know of, let alone take advantage of, LEYM resources or opportunities. We have an opportunity to learn more about who we are.  What do meetings most need from a larger Quaker body? How does this match, or not match, ways we are currently organized? What new forms and practices might emerge if we identified different objectives?  Exploring these possibilities already releases us from guilt and gives access to new energy and enthusiasm.  

Repeatedly, in business sessions and in workshops, we heard of the value of connections to each other and to the Earth, meeting-to-meeting, meetings to Quaker organizations, between individuals within meetings, and with the Divine [God].  We turn to each other with more urgency in a world with needs that leave us, at times, hopeless and despairing. We struggle to live with the damage and our complicity, unsure how to balance comfort and challenge in our lives.  

In sessions, we heard a request for endorsement of a traveling minute and considered ways we may be best equipped to support people whose call is to travel among Friends and how we support gifts both at the monthly and yearly meeting level. In various workshops, the theme of moving from inward deepening to interconnection was frequently raised up. We have hope that with deeper connections, we may learn better how to name our gifts and understand the work that we are uniquely suited to do.  

Our hearts have been made lighter and more tender through sharing your epistles, whether you are yearly meetings that are regrouping after rupture or are finding community in diverse expressions of our faith.  We are grateful for the opportunity to be in relationship and send prayers that Truth continues to prosper with you all. 

Nancy Reeves, Presiding Clerk, Cleveland Friends Meeting


LEYM Epistle Committee
Josephine Posti, Assistant Clerk, Pittsburgh Friends Meeting
Lisa Klopfer, Ann Arbor Monthly Meeting
Susan Loucks, Pittsburgh Friends Meeting


Epistles read during LEYM’s 2019 business sessions:

Baltimore Yearly Meeting

Great Plains Yearly Meeting

Southeastern Yearly Meeting

Sierra-Cascades Yearly Meeting

The New Association of Friends

Wilimington Yearly Meeting

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LEYM College Scholarship Fund

Do you have young Friends who are planning to attend a Quaker college or university during the 2019-20 school year? Lake Erie Yearly Meeting approved a new college scholarship fund for LEYM young adults who are pursuing an undergraduate degree or Quaker-related internship opportunity.

The deadline is 9/30 this year! More information about criteria and next steps is available below.

LEYM Scholarship Fund

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