Friends Respond to War in Ukraine

As a community committed to peace, the War in Ukraine is of deep concern to Friends around the world. Friends General Conference has posted a Message to Friends About Aiding Ukraine that provides helpful links to various aid organizations. The American Friends Service Committee is also speaking out, seeking to dampen the ongoing push to escalate via military responses. Friends Committee on National Legislation has issued a Statement on Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine that among other points seeks to ensure that sanctions are targeted in ways to limit the damage to citizens. The Friends World Committee for Consultation has issued a Christian Call for Peace.

We have received news from multiple sources about a daily noon EST Online Meeting to Uphold Ukraine sponsored by Friends House Moscow supporters. LEYM Friends have attended these sessions and were joined by Friends from around the world, mostly Britain and the U.S., and have found that the “oral ministry was moving and wide ranging.”

We have also learned that there is a small group of Quakers in Kyiv. Here is a link for their Facebook page: You can join them on Zoom for silent worship on Sundays, being mindful of timezone issues.

LEYM Friends stand for peace both at home and abroad and hold the people of Ukraine in the Light during these troubling times.

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