Spiritual Formation Program

Spiritual Formation group

Spiritual Formation group, Leaven Center, 2005

The Lake Erie Yearly Meeting Spiritual Formation Program encourages Friends to listen carefully to God’s call in their lives. All who wish to deepen their spiritual lives are invited to join a Spiritual Formation Group.

This includes participation in a local group and attendance at both an opening and closing retreat along with members of other spiritual formation groups.

Through the retreats and regular local group meetings, participants create a close faith community for spiritual growth, mutual support, and encouragement. The group provides a structured, supportive community in which each member can discern the Divine call and prepare to follow it.

For general information on the program, please view the Brochure for Spiritual Formation (PDF).

LEYM Spiritual Formation Program 2013-2014

Retreat Theme: Nurturing our Spiritual Life through the Practice of a Spiritual Discipline
Retreat Leader: Della Stanley-Green
Fall Retreat September 6-8, 2013: Weber Retreat Center, Adrian, MI
Spring Retreat May 3, 2014: Hosted by Kalamazoo Monthly Meeting

2013-14 Booklet

2013-14 Program Info & Registration

Next Year (2014-15)

The fall retreat will be held Sept. 5-7, 2014, at Colombiere Conference Center in Clarkston, MI. The spring retreat will be held May 2, 2015. Would your meeting like to host?

Last Year

LEYM Spiritual Formation Program 2012-2013

Retreat Leader: Merry Stanford
Retreat Theme: The Spiritual Practice of Dialogue: Speaking our Truths and Hearing Where Words Come From
Fall Retreat September 7-9, 2012: Weber Retreat Center, Adrian, MI
Spring Retreat May 4, 2012: Hosted by Birmingham Monthly Meeting

Those especially encouraged to attend include:

  • Friends who feel alone in their spiritual orientation
  • Friends who are eager to listen deeply to the diverse experiences of other Friends
  • Friends¬†who would like help speaking with other Friends who may use different language in describing their experiences of the inner life, e.g. God, Jesus, Universe, Inward Teacher, Mother, Christ, Living Presence, Peace, Unity, etc.
  • Friends who have experienced, or yearn to experience,¬†the gathered meeting in the midst of theological diversity

Prior Years

For more information on the Spiritual Formation Program, contact:

Mathilda Navias, Clerk: (419) 448-0578 or galaxy at woh.rr.com
Aran Reinhart, Registrar: AranReinhart at yahoo.com


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