Green Pastures Quarterly Meeting planned for Saturday, Sept 17, 2022

The Fall Green Pastures Quarterly Meeting will be held online beginning at 10 a.m., Saturday, September 17, 2022. For the Zoom link, contact The meeting will feature a discussion on Quakers in business.


  • Roll Call (Kevin Miller)
  • Approval of previous meeting’s Minutes (Maryann Concannon)
  • Treasurer’s report (Jeff Cooper)
  • Finance Committee will present a proposed budget (Bob Orr)
  • Nominating Committee (Peggy Daub)—Approval of the appointment of Ellerie Brownfain to Nominating Committee.
  • Michigan Friends Center (No report at this time)
  • Michigan Quakers For Environment Action update? (Peggy Daub, Phil Volk)
  • Consideration for in-person events (Kevin Miller) —Requesting volunteers for May Meeting to help with tech.
  • Mid-Winter Gathering 2023 (Kevin Miller)—Requesting volunteers for program planning.
  • Announcements (Maryann Concannon, April Allison)
  • Break
  • Presentation: Quakers were originally much more likely to be tradespeople than professionals, academics, teachers, etc. They developed honest practices such as charging everyone a publicly announced price that led them to be successful. We are asking some Friends who run businesses or have thoughts on Friends and the business world to lead a discussion of what all Quakers need to know about the world of commerce, and how our practices and values are relevant today. A few people in Ann Arbor who are involved in businesses have been asked (Paul and Claire Tinkerhess, Marilyn Churchill), and we would welcome thoughts by others who might have things to say.

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Pendle Hill is hiring a new Education Coordinator. Could it be you? Details at

Apply to @ScovillePF by Oct. 3 to work for 6 to 9 months with one of 2 dozen NGOs in DC on international peace & security issues, including nuclear arms control, peacebuilding, & diplomacy. Please share this opportunity with prospective candidates.

AFSC is searching for their next Board and Corp Clerk to begin service in April 2023. You can learn about the position and nominate someone here

New England Quaker downsizing her considerable Quaker library. Looking to start or beef up your Meeting's book collection? If you're willing to pay postage, she's happy to donate. Contact for more information!

North Columbus Friends Meeting is hosting a monthly Quaker 101 session in a hybrid format starting Thurs Sept 15 at 6:30pm. They are inviting remote participation! Details at

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