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Yearly Meeting Worker
Newsletter Editors
Database Manager
Registrar for Annual Sessions
LEYM Bookstore Manager
Committee Clerks

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LEYM Mailing address:
Lake Erie Yearly Meeting
c/o Office Manager
Ann Arbor Friends Meeting
1420 Hill Street
Ann Arbor, MI 48104


LEYM Harassment Discernment Committee contacts for 2020

Replace “at” with “@” to use the e-mail addresses.



Jo Posti
291 Arden Rd.
Pittsburgh, PA 15216

LEYMclerk at gmail.com

412 491-6481

Assistant Clerk

Nancy Reeves
855 Drake Drive
Clinton, OH 44216-9136

LEYMAssistantClerk at gmail.com

330 882-5866

Recording Clerk

Peter Wood
936 Green St.
Lansing, MI 48906

LEYMRecordingClerk at gmail.com

517 281-1570


Tom Kangas
3641 Weston Place
Columbus, OH 43214

LEYMtreasurer at gmail.com

614 268-6698

Other Workers

Yearly Meeting Worker

Bill Warters

LEYMworker at gmail.com

313 371-2932

Newsletter Editors
(The Bulletin)

Peggy Daub &
Jeff Cooper
1506 Arborview Blvd.
Ann Arbor, MI 48103

BulletinLEYM at gmail.com

734 668-8063


Bill Warters

LEYMWorker at gmail.com

313 371-2932

Database Manager

Maryann Concannon

LEYMDatabase at gmail.com

Registrar for Annual Sessions

Sally Weaver Sommer
118 S. Spring St.
Bluffton, OH 45817

LEYMregistrar at gmail.com

419 358-0950

LEYM Bookstore Manager


Committee Clerks

Advancement & Outreach

Ellen Barnes

ellen at thebarnesfamily187.com

248 528-1321


Mey Hasbrook

meymdh at gmail.com

313 389-6866


Joe Mills

millrae at juno.com

269 375-4414

High School Teen Retreat Program


Ministry & Nurture

Shelley Kotz &
Rebecca Morehouse

LEYMmn at gmail.com

Kotz: 419 536-1898

Morehouse: 734 645-4572


Clemence Ravacon Mershon

andre14 at earthlink.net

814 587-3479

Peace & Justice

Joel Ottenbreit

joelottenbreit at gmail.com

313 274-6999

Publications & Archives

Peggy Daub

peggydaub at hotmail.com

734 668-8063

Yearly Meeting Planning Committee Clerks

Adult & Family Program

Thomas Taylor

tftaylor37 at comcast.net

734 995-6803

Arrangements & Site

Jon Sommer

sommerjs at bluffton.edu

419 358-0950

Youth & Children’s Program

Kate Enger

psychdrkate at gmail.com

740 591-7255

Contact information for the LEYM Harassment Discernment Commitee for 2020 is available here.

You will need to replace the “at” with @ to use the e-mail addresses.

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