2022 Annual Business Sessions

We’re meeting online via Zoom for our 2022 Business Sessions. Further down the page you will find a proposed topical agenda prepared by the Clerk. Here’s the basic schedule.

Business Session 1 – 7/28/2022 10:30am
Business Session 2 – 7/29/2022 10:30am
What Can We Say Together – Anti-Racism – 7/30/2022 10:30am
Business Session 3 – 7/31/2022 1:00pm

Documents in Advance

LEYM committees and projects are developing reports that will inform our deliberations. We’re using a Google Doc that is being regularly updated to collect and share this information. Use the button below to view the current submissions.

Rough Topical Agenda for Business Sessions

Note: This is the predicted agenda – agendas may shrink or grow based on time needed.
Land acknowledgement
Presentation on demographics
absent, deceased members
Introduction: First time attenders, visitors
Interactive Roll call
Epistle cmte

Process pointers
Clerk’s report
Meeting worker report
Nominating – Information, Questions
Ad Hoc Site Committee – Information, Questions

Memorial Minute reading
Query for next year
Budget, information and questions
Treasurer’s report
Ad Hoc Site Committee – Decision
Establish ad hoc group for Organization/Structure.

Saturdaythis focused session is designed to prepare and give participants a chance for discernment on a single topic, and departs from typical business format.
Background, how this has risen and developed in MM’s and the YM
Explanation of process
Small groups – worship sharing
Whole group – discernment
Possibilities to carry this forward in 2022-3

If time permits: One breath reports from any committee, representative, etc.
Nominating – Decision
Budget – Decision
Report from Saturday Business session
Our epistle(s) reading, decision

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