2022 Annual Business Sessions

We’re meeting online via Zoom for our 2022 Business Sessions. Further down the page you will find a proposed topical agenda prepared by the Clerk. Here’s the basic schedule.

Business Session 1 – 7/28/2022 10:30am
Business Session 2 – 7/29/2022 10:30am
What Can We Say Together – Anti-Racism – 7/30/2022 10:30am
Business Session 3 – 7/31/2022 1:00pm

Documents in Advance

LEYM committees and projects are developing reports that will inform our deliberations. We’re using a Google Doc that is being regularly updated to collect and share this information. Use the button below to view the current submissions.

Rough Topical Agenda for Business Sessions

Note: This is the predicted agenda – agendas may shrink or grow based on time needed.
Land acknowledgement
Presentation on demographics
absent, deceased members
Introduction: First time attenders, visitors
Interactive Roll call
Epistle cmte

Process pointers
Clerk’s report
Meeting worker report
Nominating – Information, Questions
Ad Hoc Site Committee – Information, Questions

Memorial Minute reading
Query for next year
Budget, information and questions
Treasurer’s report
Ad Hoc Site Committee – Decision
Establish ad hoc group for Organization/Structure.

Saturdaythis focused session is designed to prepare and give participants a chance for discernment on a single topic, and departs from typical business format.
Background, how this has risen and developed in MM’s and the YM
Explanation of process
Small groups – worship sharing
Whole group – discernment
Possibilities to carry this forward in 2022-3

If time permits: One breath reports from any committee, representative, etc.
Nominating – Decision
Budget – Decision
Report from Saturday Business session
Our epistle(s) reading, decision

LEYM on Social Media

Pendle Hill is hiring a new Education Coordinator. Could it be you? Details at https://pendlehill.org/explore/employment/education-coordinator/

Apply to @ScovillePF by Oct. 3 to work for 6 to 9 months with one of 2 dozen NGOs in DC on international peace & security issues, including nuclear arms control, peacebuilding, & diplomacy. Please share this opportunity with prospective candidates. http://scoville.org

AFSC is searching for their next Board and Corp Clerk to begin service in April 2023. You can learn about the position and nominate someone here https://www.afsc.org/content/nomination-form-presiding-clerk-afsc-corporation-and-board

New England Quaker downsizing her considerable Quaker library. Looking to start or beef up your Meeting's book collection? If you're willing to pay postage, she's happy to donate. Contact leymclerk@gmail.com for more information!

North Columbus Friends Meeting is hosting a monthly Quaker 101 session in a hybrid format starting Thurs Sept 15 at 6:30pm. They are inviting remote participation! Details at https://www.quakercloud.org/cloud/north-columbus-friends-meeting/events/quakerism-101-what-quakerism

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