Called to faithful action for peace, social justice, and sustainability? Check out this Pendle Hill program

Called to faithful action for peace, social justice, and sustainability?
Tired of missing the mark and getting stuck?
Want to work more effectively with others for positive change?

If so, check out Pendle Hill’s new offering:

Answering the Call to Radical Faithfulness
An Intensive Online/On-Campus Certificate Program
in Prophetic Activism and Civic Engagement

April 1, 2015 — August 31, 2015
(includes four on-campus residencies)

Answering the Call to Radical Faithfulness will bring together an interfaith group of learners committed to deepening their capacity for effective community action to heal and repair the world. If you join this long-term education program you will:

  • Explore the spiritual call to social action with others;
  • Reach greater clarity on where your gifts and passions match the world’s needs;
  • Gain greater knowledge and skill in effective social action and organzing;
  • Learn to tap the power of diversity, justice, and inclusion within your organizations; and
  • Give and receive mutual support on applied fieldwork and writing projects.

You will benefit from a structured curriculum, a cutting-edge blend of face-to-face and online learning, and the ongoing support and guidance of an experienced core and adjunct faculty.

Apply Today! Several scholarships are available. For more information, go here, or contact Steve Chase, Director of Education, at 610-566-4507, ext. 123.

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Grow Meetings’ Vitality and Connection to Spirit: an FGC Workshop March 14

Friends in the Midwest are invited to Grow Our Meetings, a regional one-day workshop created to help grow meetings’ health, vitality, and connection to Spirit.

The inaugural workshop will be held Saturday, March 14th in Richmond, Indiana for meetings located throughout the Midwest.

FGC has a wealth of experience helping meetings work on deepening through the in-reach part of the QuakerQuest program. They are now bringing that experience to Friends who would like to learn how their meeting or worship group can grow in vitality.
Complete information

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Nonviolence Conference March 28 at Ashland University

The Ashland Center for Nonviolence Conference
Considering the Challenges to Nonviolence: Practical and Theoretical
March 28, 2015
Ashland University in Ashland, Ohio

Joyce Balderston of Wooster Meeting is planning to attend and invites others to join her. She can be reached by email or phone: 330 378-3053.

For more information and to register, go to

From the organizer:

Consider attending the inaugural Ashland Center for Nonviolence conference. This is going to be exciting. We have now finalized the day’s schedule and the schedule of papers, which you can see on the web site. There is also a link where you can view the paper abstracts.

So far, we have been very pleased with the level of interest. I hope you will continue to invite your friends and colleagues to come as well. It will be a terrific opportunity to make connections within our region as well as to take seriously some difficult tasks and questions. If you think of groups that may not know about the conference, please consider reaching out to them. We will continue accepting registrations through March 24.

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Weekend retreat for spiritual nurturers, social witnesses, and gospel ministers

A weekend retreat at

Friends Center of Ohio Yearly Meeting

in Barnesville, Ohio

A Weekend on Gospel Ministry – With Inspiration from William Dewsbury

Facilitated by Brian Drayton
March 20-22, 2015

You chosen jewels, you necessitated people, arise!

Friends who have a particular concern (whether for Gospel ministry, spiritual nurture, or a social witness) should gather sometimes for mutual refreshment and counsel, to renew our vision and encourage our faithfulness. This weekend is intended to be such a gathering.

There will be times of worship and conversation, and also some “topical sessions” exploring key spiritual challenges such as unity, inward poverty, risk-taking, and spiritual drowsiness. Topical sessions will draw from the writings of William Dewsbury, “perhaps the sweetest and wisest of early Friends.”

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School of the Spirit – On Being a Spiritual Nurturer program

From the On Being a Spiritual Nurturer Core Teachers

Beckey Phipps, Evelyn Jadin, and Rita Willett:

In the upcoming months we are offering four Testing the Waters Retreats and two conference calls for those interested in learning more about the program.

Click here for an announcement about the upcoming video conference call with the Core Teachers on February 19 and a conventional conference call April 16 to learn more about the program.

Click here for more information about the Testing the Waters Retreats and a link to register (not required, but very helpful).

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Couple Enrichment leader training

Approximately every 5 Years, FGC Couple Enrichment offers training for new leaders.

The next training for FGC Couple Enrichment Leader Couples will be held at the 2015 FGC Gathering in Cullowhee, NC.

The training will begin with a Pre-Gathering retreat July 3-5 and continue with morning sessions during the Gathering. Participants must register for both the Pre-Gathering event and the full Gathering. Thanks to generous donors, the pre-gathering event will be either free or with minimal costs. FGC will offer free childcare during the pre-gathering event. Couples participating in the Leader Training will have full access to all other Gathering activities (plenaries, children’s programs, meals, housing, etc.).

We encourage couples who feel a call to serve as leaders in the Couple Enrichment ministry to register for this event. We also encourage couples who are not yet certain of their calling to consider this opportunity to learn and practice new leadership skills and deepen their own relationship while discerning whether or not this is an area of service to which they are called.

Couple Enrichment offers these trainings approximately every 5 years. Pre-requisites for the training include participation in at least one Couple Enrichment event and a letter of recommendation from a current Couple Enrichment Leader.

Interested? Fill out the information at and someone from the Couple Enrichment program will contact you. You may also send questions directly to merrystanford at

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2015 Winter Bulletin available on-line

Many of the offerings in this edition of LEYM’s newsletter focus on water. You can read it here or go to the Bulletin’s page on the website by clicking on “Bulletins” under the News, Events, & Archives tab.

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Job: Executive Director of NYYM Retreat Center

Elsie K. Powell House (, New York Yearly Meeting’s ( retreat center and an outreach arm of New York Yearly Meeting for adult and youth spiritual nurture, seeks a full-time Executive Director to oversee its spiritual life and physical operations. Position to begin Spring 2016.  Powell House’s mission is to foster the spiritual growth of Friends (Quakers) and others and to strengthen the application of Friends’ testimonies in the world. It is in a rural setting in the greater Albany area.

Full Details

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Decision-Making for Commitees Workshop Feb. 21

Pittsburgh Monthly Meeting is hosting a workshop for committees
Feb. 21 at the meetinghouse
4836 Ellsworth Ave., Pittsburgh, PA  15213
All are invited to participate

Decision-Making in the Spirit: Quaker Process, Community and Unity

If you’ve not yet experienced Arthur Larabee, we hope you will give yourself the gift of attending the February 21 workshop from 8:30am-3:30pm.  An expert in Quaker process, his knowledge, humor, and deep inclusiveness have been known to have a long-lasting impact on Friends and Meetings. A sought-after speaker, we hope committees clerks and committee members will participate in experiencing how improving decision-making in the Spirit can strengthen a meeting. We hope you will join us.

Contact us with confirmation and/or questions, Jo Schlesinger, Von Keairns, Mary Parish

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Job: FGC Looking for a New Gathering Coordinator

Conference Coordinator:  This position provides wonderful opportunities to work with Friends throughout the US and Canada and the satisfaction of providing a week of spiritual nurture and refreshment for more than 1,100 Friends each summer.

The Conference Coordinator is responsible for all program support and logistical aspects of the annual FGC Gathering of Friends, a week-long, residential event for 1,100 to1,400 Friends of all ages.

Full-time. Full benefits. Based in the FGC Philadelphia office. FGC is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Please use the following link to access the full job description:

To Apply:
Send cover letter, resume, and three references to: Barry Crossno, General Secretary
Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis. Preference will be given for applications received by February 6.

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