Couple Enrichment leader training

Approximately every 5 Years, FGC Couple Enrichment offers training for new leaders.

The next training for FGC Couple Enrichment Leader Couples will be held at the 2015 FGC Gathering in Cullowhee, NC.

The training will begin with a Pre-Gathering retreat July 3-5 and continue with morning sessions during the Gathering. Participants must register for both the Pre-Gathering event and the full Gathering. Thanks to generous donors, the pre-gathering event will be either free or with minimal costs. FGC will offer free childcare during the pre-gathering event. Couples participating in the Leader Training will have full access to all other Gathering activities (plenaries, children’s programs, meals, housing, etc.).

We encourage couples who feel a call to serve as leaders in the Couple Enrichment ministry to register for this event. We also encourage couples who are not yet certain of their calling to consider this opportunity to learn and practice new leadership skills and deepen their own relationship while discerning whether or not this is an area of service to which they are called.

Couple Enrichment offers these trainings approximately every 5 years. Pre-requisites for the training include participation in at least one Couple Enrichment event and a letter of recommendation from a current Couple Enrichment Leader.

Interested? Fill out the information at and someone from the Couple Enrichment program will contact you. You may also send questions directly to merrystanford at

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2015 Winter Bulletin available on-line

Many of the offerings in this edition of LEYM’s newsletter focus on water. You can read it here or go to the Bulletin’s page on the website by clicking on “Bulletins” under the News, Events, & Archives tab.

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Job: Executive Director of NYYM Retreat Center

Elsie K. Powell House (, New York Yearly Meeting’s ( retreat center and an outreach arm of New York Yearly Meeting for adult and youth spiritual nurture, seeks a full-time Executive Director to oversee its spiritual life and physical operations. Position to begin Spring 2016.  Powell House’s mission is to foster the spiritual growth of Friends (Quakers) and others and to strengthen the application of Friends’ testimonies in the world. It is in a rural setting in the greater Albany area.

Full Details

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Decision-Making for Commitees Workshop Feb. 21

Pittsburgh Monthly Meeting is hosting a workshop for committees
Feb. 21 at the meetinghouse
4836 Ellsworth Ave., Pittsburgh, PA  15213
All are invited to participate

Decision-Making in the Spirit: Quaker Process, Community and Unity

If you’ve not yet experienced Arthur Larabee, we hope you will give yourself the gift of attending the February 21 workshop from 8:30am-3:30pm.  An expert in Quaker process, his knowledge, humor, and deep inclusiveness have been known to have a long-lasting impact on Friends and Meetings. A sought-after speaker, we hope committees clerks and committee members will participate in experiencing how improving decision-making in the Spirit can strengthen a meeting. We hope you will join us.

Contact us with confirmation and/or questions, Jo Schlesinger, Von Keairns, Mary Parish

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Job: FGC Looking for a New Gathering Coordinator

Conference Coordinator:  This position provides wonderful opportunities to work with Friends throughout the US and Canada and the satisfaction of providing a week of spiritual nurture and refreshment for more than 1,100 Friends each summer.

The Conference Coordinator is responsible for all program support and logistical aspects of the annual FGC Gathering of Friends, a week-long, residential event for 1,100 to1,400 Friends of all ages.

Full-time. Full benefits. Based in the FGC Philadelphia office. FGC is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Please use the following link to access the full job description:

To Apply:
Send cover letter, resume, and three references to: Barry Crossno, General Secretary
Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis. Preference will be given for applications received by February 6.

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GPQM Winter Gathering March 20 – 21

Invitation to GPQM Winter Gathering

Printable Brochure

Friends from across Green Pastures Quarterly Meeting will gather March 20 – 21, 2015, at the Red Cedar Friends Meeting House in Lansing, Michigan, for our Winter Gathering. On Friday evening from 7-9 pm, we will come together to make music; on Saturday from 9-4, Mike Green from Durham Friends Meeting will lead us in an experience of Sound Spirituality.

Come Friday evening, Saturday, or for both programs. Overnight hospitality is available if arranged in advance. Child care and activities for young Friends will be offered both days. The program is free; donations toward the cost of lunch are welcome.

The Red Cedar Friends Meeting House is at 1400 Turner St., Lansing, MI 48906. Register with April Allison by email,, or online at Please indicate how many adults and children will be attending; which days you can attend; and whether you will need overnight lodging.

 Saturday Program

Our retreat leader, Mike Green, says of Sound Spirituality:

“We are resonant beings, echo-chambers of the great “I am.” What might we learn about that mysterious relationship through the wind-tunnel of sound?

“Our language is infused with our sense of sight—window, looking, seeing, inner eye. What happens when we hear with our inner ear? Let’s explore the world of sound, and hear what it might reveal to us about our relationship to the divine mystery.

“Here are some places we might go:

“First, we might come to know that we are all musicians, just as we are each a beloved child of God. Let me hasten to say that you don’t have to think of yourself as a musician to attend this retreat. Also, please don’t let the use of the word ‘God’ deter you from coming.

“Second, by understanding certain sound phenomena and how we embody them, we might uncover a rich vocabulary for the spiritual journey. Words are pointers to felt experiences, and I hope we will connect with felt experiences both past and present.

“Last, We will share some stories. I’ll share some of mine, if you will share some of yours. Our stories­–and meditating on those stories with the help of others who have gone before–are the only Truths we need in order to understand anything important. Our stories are divine food for our souls.

“Bring your willing hearts and voices and, as Pooh said to Piglet, ‘let’s go on an explore.’”

Mike, a member of Durham (NC) Monthly Meeting, has been a core teacher at the School of the Spirit Ministry’s program On Being a Spiritual Nurturer. He has also taught music at several institutions of “higher” learning, including the Indiana School of Music and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. His wife, Marsha, joins him as his elder and piano companion.

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LEYM Bulletin: Call for Submissions

Winter 2015
Susan S. Carpenter
Berch R. Carpenter


This is the call for submissions for the LEYM Bulletin planned for February 1, 2015.

As always, the Bulletin will need to contain reports of your meeting’s recent significant events (October-January 2014). This is the place for each meeting to share current activities, campaigns, special efforts, important changes, gatherings and separations, welcomes and farewells. Also we expect to post announcements about significant events.

The “Breaking Barriers, Building Bridges” theme prompted a variety of articles and pictures for the Fall Issue. Among them was an essay by Judy Greenberg (Broadmead) titled “Toledo’s Water Crisis and ‘The Commons’” which inspired this Bulletin’s theme:


Toledo was in crisis because of polluted tap water. Detroit, last summer, had a crisis of tap water made scarce. Water is essential to life—healing, cleansing, fostering growth—and also relentless—flooding, drowning, washing away livelihoods. Consider the word “quench” that in one setting describes a nourishing process, and in another, destruction.

Consider all the forms water takes in oceans, lakes, rivers, ponds, creeks, garden hoses, pitchers with ice. Water arrives in snow, rain, tears, and “breaking” in the process of birth.

Send us stories, poems, meditations, epistles, and reports as well as essays of all kinds.

Send us photographs and drawings.

The deadline: January 15, 2015

Please send submissions to us at

Feel free to email either or both of us with questions or concerns.

Thank you so much.

Susan (
Berch (

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Seeking a New Teen Retreat Coordinator

Lake Erie Yearly Meeting is seeking a new Coordinator for its High School Teen Retreat Program. If you enjoy nurturing the spiritual life of high school youth (or know someone who does), please consider or share this opportunity. Duties will begin in fall 2015 and include leading four retreats per year. Indicate your interest by March 1, 2015. A full description of the position with information on how to apply is here.

We are very grateful to Robb Yurisko (North Columbus Monthly Meeting) for his leadership as Coordinator since 2011.

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Fall 2014 Teen Retreat Nov. 7-9 in Ann Arbor

Flyer & Registration

Medical release form

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Couple Enrichment Retreat Feb 27-March 1 in Adrian, MI

Sponsored by Lake Erie Yearly Meeting

Led by Merry Stanford and Peter Wood of Red Cedar Meeting (Lansing, MI)

7 pm Friday, February 27 – 12 pm Sunday, March 1, 2015

Adrian, Michigan

Full details

Couple Enrichment is a program of Friends General Conference

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