LEYM Advices & Queries

Annual Queries

Each year LEYM’s Ministry and Nurture Committee prepares a set of queries and readings for the consideration of meetings. The Ministry and Nurture Committee invites each meeting to consider the queries during the fall, and to develop a minute that describes the insights arrived at during its consideration. Meetings are requested to send this to the clerk of the Ministry and Nurture Committee by the end of February. The Ministry and Nurture Committee reviews meeting’s responses prior to Representative Meeting in the spring.

2014 Query

“Friends find their essential unity in their profound and exhilarating belief in the pervasive presence of God and in the continuing responsibility of each person and worshipping group to seek the leading of the Spirit in all things.” Faith & Practice of New England Yearly Meeting, 1986

 How has our practice of expectant waiting in worship invited the Divine to guide our meeting’s actions? In what ways do our actions in the world as a meeting enrich and transform the spiritual life of the body?

Helpful Passages for the 2014 Query (doc)
Helpful Passages for the 2014 Query (pdf)

Previous Annual Queries

Book of Advices & Queries

A set of advices and queries drawn up by an ad hoc committee was approved by the yearly meeting in session in July of 2012. It contains a total of 66 queries organized into 16 sections. It also has  information on the history and current uses of advices and queries, an overview of the process by which this set was arrived at, and considerations for revising the set in the future. Printed booklets are available from the yearly meeting. The file here is for viewing on a computer.

LEYM Book of Advices & Queries (pdf)


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