Spring Bulletins Now Available – Getting Ready for Annual Meeting

The Spring LEYM Bulletin is now available in PDF, and paper copies will soon arrive at addresses for monthly meetings and worship groups.  We returned to sending higher numbers in paper for this issue, thinking that many of us will be worshiping in person again over the next several weeks.     

This issue contains much information about LEYM Annual Meeting, taking place via Zoom Wednesday – Sunday, July 28 – August 1, with an optional business session on Saturday morning, August 7.  The Bulletin provides a general introduction to the Meeting, a full schedule, descriptions of the nine workshops, a substantial list of resources relating to Paula Palmer’s plenary talk and workshop, and an invitation to participate in the talent show.   

Other contents include a clerk’s message from Jo Posti, announcements from LEYM committees and groups, news for and from monthly meetings, and a report on the recent FWCC Section of the Americas biennial meeting.   

Please join us for Annual Sessions by registering (no cost) on the website during the registration period July 1–23.  

Jeff Cooper & Peggy Daub, co-editors   

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FCNL is seeking applications for their 2023-2024 Young Adult Program Assistants. Apply by Feb 10. Work as full-time staff members of FCNL from Summer 2023 to Summer 2024 and build expertise in advocacy from a public interest perspective.

Free workshop w Friends Peace Teams West Papua/Phillipines on the Power of Goodness. The Fri Dec 9 6:30pm workshop will explore stories from around the world of how people reacted peacefully + nonviolently when others threatened or hurt them. See https://friendspeaceteams.org/pog-new-girl/

Engaging with conflict and challenging hate: Toolkit for action is the title of a really insightful guide put together by British Friends. While it draws in examples from the UK, the lessons are applicable well beyond it. https://www.quaker.org.uk/blog/engaging-with-conflict-a-toolkit-for-difficult-times

Pendle Hill has a number of job openings https://quakerfahe.com/2022/11/05/pendle-hill-hiring-for-office-and-hand-on-roles/

Want to attend this year's Annual Meeting and Quaker Public Policy Institute but not sure you can make it to D.C.? Join us online! You've got until Nov. 9 to register, so please don't delay! #peace #justice #advocacy https://act.fcnl.org/survey/virtual-annual-meeting-2022/?source=fcnlwebnav

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