Annual Reports to LEYM

Information Requested from Monthly Meetings Annually

Information Request You should
receive by
Due Date
Response to Annual Queries (optional) beginning of September End of Feb.
State of the Meeting Report End of June
Statistical Report May July 11
Memorial Minutes (if any) August 29

Response to Annual Queries (optional)

Response is requested by the end of Feb. (a month prior to Representative Meeting).
Send to: the clerk of LEYM’s Ministry & Nurture Committee
E-mail: LEYMmn at

Each year LEYM’s Ministry and Nurture Committee prepares a set of queries and readings for the consideration of monthly meetings. Meetings and worship groups should receive these in September. The Ministry and Nurture Committee invites each meeting to consider the queries in a worship sharing format during the fall, and to develop a minute that describes the insights arrived at during its consideration. Meetings are requested to send this to the clerk of the Ministry and Nurture Committee by the end of February.

The Ministry and Nurture Committee reviews meeting’s responses prior to Representative Meeting in the spring and publishes a summary. You can view a sample here.

The text of the current set of queries is available on the Ministry & Nurture Committee page, along with links to previous years’ queries.

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State of the Meeting Report

Response is requested by the end of June.
Send to: the clerk of LEYM’s Ministry and Nurture Committee
E-mail: LEYMmn at

Each year monthly meetings and worship groups are asked to reflect on the spiritual condition of the group and communicate this to the yearly meeting’s Ministry and Nurture Committee. You should receive a reminder in January or February. The Ministry and Nurture Committee reviews these responses prior to Annual Sessions. Insight from past State of the Meeting Reports has guided the programs of the Ministry & Nurture Committee.

A document with guidelines for creating a State of the Meeting Report is available on the Ministry & Nurture Committee page.

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Statistical Report

Response is requested by July 11
Send to LEYM’s database manager
E-mail: LEYMworker at

Each year meetings and worship groups are asked to update the information on file with the yearly meeting: officers and committee clerks, number of members, any changes to where you meet or how to contact you, etc. The yearly meeting uses this information to send mail and e-mail to meetings, to contact officers and clerks of committees, and to help in preparing the annual budget. The total number of members is also sent to several Quaker organizations the yearly meeting belongs to, as the number of representatives we send to the organization’s meetings depends on the total number of members in the yearly meeting. The database manager e-mails you the information currently on file in May and asks that you return updated information by July 11 so that it can be included in the Annual Records.

You can download or print a 2013 Monthly Meeting Statistical Form

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Memorial Minutes (if any)

Requested by August 29
Send to the clerk of LEYM’s Publications & Archives Committee

Traditionally, when a valued member of a meeting dies, a member of the Ministry and Counsel Committee, the clerk, or a close friend of the person writes a memorial minute. Typically, it contains a brief biography of the Friend with special emphasis on his or her activities among Quakers. It may be a few paragraphs to two pages long. When approved by the monthly meeting, it becomes part of the permanent records of the meeting. Memorial minutes sent to the yearly meeting’s Publications & Archives Committee are printed in the Annual Records.

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