Green Pastures Quarterly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (Quaker)

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Associated meetings: Ann Arbor, Birmingham, Detroit, Grand Rapids, Holland, Kalamazoo, and Red Cedar. Associated Worship groups: Manitou, Pine River, and Tustin.

Dear Members of Green Pastures Meetings:

With due caution for safety in this COVID19 pandemic, we will hold our Spring 2020 Quarterly meeting electronically.
Saturday, May 16, 2020
9AM to Noon
NOTE: Several documents have been submitted by the GPQM adhoc bylaws committee for discussion at the meeting. They can be found here (labeled as “new”).
  • send agenda items to Kris Gaumer:
  • watch for meeting URL two weeks prior to meeting.
  • Announce to your meetings.
    Peace to You
    Dr. Deborah Wickering
    Co-Clerk Green Pastures Quarterly Meeting
    Professor Emerita of Anthropology

Green Pastures Quarterly Meeting Officers and committees
Terms starting July 1, 2019, terms end July 1st of year listed

Co-Clerks (2-year overlapping terms)
Kris Gaumer (RC) (2020)
Deb Wickering (GR) (2021) – wickedeb at

Recording Clerk (1-year term)
Pam Melick (B/D) (2020)

Treasurer (3-year term)
Jeff Cooper (AA) (2021)

Trustees (3-year overlapping terms)
George Hebben (K) (2020)
Debs Roush (AA) (2021)
Geoff Brieger (B) (2022)

Finance Committee (3-year overlapping terms)
Bob Orr, Clerk (D) (2020) (Named to 1-year term in 2019 to fill vacancy)
Mark Donovan (K) (2021)
John Williams (AA) (2022)

Nominating Committee (3-year overlapping terms)
Ann Sprague (D) (2020) (Named to 2-year term in 2018 to fill vacancy)
Susan Hartman (AA) (2021)
Raelyn Joyce (K) (2022) (Named by clerks—needs to be confirmed by meeting)

Resident Agent (serves without term)
Jeff Cooper (AA)

Currently, GPQM conducts business the third Saturday in May and the third Saturday in September at the Michigan Friends Center in Chelsea, Mich. These start at 9:00 AM.

Notice: The Spring Quarterly Meeting will be held online,
May 16 2020 from 9AM to Noon

A Mid-Winter Gathering for fellowship and renewal is held starting at 9:00 AM, usually in February. A gathering for worship and pot-luck around the time of Hiroshima Day (the first Sunday of August) is held at Quaker Park in Battle Creek starting at 11:00 AM. Joe Mills of Kalamazoo Meeting (269-375-4414 or millrae at is the person to contact for further information about this event.

According to the Articles of Association, GPQM’s purpose is to:

  1. promote and support the activities of its members in worship, witness and social service, according to the beliefs of Friends;
  2. found , foster and support local meetings of Friends;
  3. harmonize, publish and propagate the beliefs and aspirations of Friends with respect to worship, witness, and social service.
  • It continues to help support the American Friends Service Committee Ann Arbor office.
  • It owns and is responsible for the administration of the Friends School in Detroit
  • It acts in conjunction with the Friends Lake Cooperative Community to administer the Michigan Friends Center under its Articles of Incorporation.

Abstract of the History of Green Pastures Quarterly Meeting

  1. Formed in 1957, consisting of Ann Arbor, Detroit and Kalamazoo Meetings, the East Lansing Preparative Meeting and the Toledo Friends Group
  2. Attendance in the late fifties and early sixties about 200.
  3. 1960 affiliated with FGC and accepted the 1955 PYM Faith and Practice.
  4. 1964 incorporated officially. Grand Rapids Preparative Meeting included.
  5. 1968 Birmingham Meeting became a constituent meeting.
  6. 1970 Pine River Meeting; 1971 Grand Rapids Meeting; 1973 Red Cedar Meeting formed. Holland Preparative Meeting formed ??? date.
  7. In 2006, worship groups function in Albion, Fremont, Manitou, Grand Traverse and Tustin.
  8. 1959 AFSC first active in Michigan; 1961 Friends Lake Cooperative Community established; 1963 Friends School in Detroit incorporated.