Ministry & Nurture

Clerk: Paula Deming
Email: LEYMmn at
614 846-7459

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State of the Meeting Report

Each year monthly meetings and worship groups are asked to reflect on the spiritual condition of the group and communicate this to the yearly meeting’s Ministry and Nurture Committee.  The Ministry and Nurture Committee reviews these responses prior to Annual Sessions. Meetings are asked to get these to the clerk of the Ministry & Nurture Committee by the end of June. Insight from past State of the Meeting Reports has guided the programs of the Ministry & Nurture Committee.

You can view Guidelines for State of the Meeting Reports (PDF).

Advices & Queries

Each year, the Ministry and Nurture Committee prepares a set of queries and readings for the consideration of meetings. The Ministry and Nurture Committee invites each meeting to consider the queries during the fall, and to develop a minute that describes the insights arrived at during its consideration. Meetings are requested to send this to the clerk of the Ministry and Nurture Committee by the end of February. The Ministry and Nurture Committee reviews meeting’s responses prior to Representative Meeting in the spring.

For the text of annual queries, both current and past, and for a pdf of the book of Advices & Queries approved in 2012, go to the Advices & Queries page.


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