LEYM 2024 will Return to Ashland

Our next Annual Meeting is scheduled for June 13-16, 2024 at Ashland University. Watch the Bulletin for details.
2023 Annual Sessions

LEYM 2023: Navigating Anew Quakers affiliated with Lake Erie Yearly Meeting gather annually for fellowship, worship, business and to see how the spirit moves among us. From June 15-18, 2023 LEYM Friends will be meeting at Ashland University. See the most recent issue of the LEYM Bulletin for event details, workshop descriptions and registration information and forms. Check this one-page schedule (now includes locations) to see what we have in store for attendees.

Annual Session Offerings June 15-18 (see tabs below)

  • We are hosting multiple workshops this year, including one by our keynote speaker Emily Provance. You can review the full workshop descriptions here.

    Workshops on Offer

    • Workshop Session 1 (Friday, 3:30-5:00pm)
      • Navigating Nonviolence: Faith and Practice (Trustee Room)
      • ReGrounding Spiritual Community: Becoming a More Deeply "Faithful Meeting" (Heritage Room)
      • The Poetry of Helen Morgan Brooks through the Eyes of Silent Worship (President's Dining Room)
    • Workshop Session 2 (Saturday, 10:30-12:00)
      • Finding Ways to Support Peace in the Middle East (Trustee Room)
      • The Power of Enough (Heritage Room)
      • The Arts and Spirituality: Spiritual Journey Visualized Through Collage (President's Dining Room)
      • The Four Stages of Community; before, during and "after" COVID (Faculty Room)
    • Workshop Session 3 (Saturday, 3:30-5:00pm)
      • Building a Culture of Multi-Age Inclusion (Trustee Room)
      • Keeping Quakerism Alive: Distilling the Essence of Quakerism to Share with Newcomers (Heritage Room)
      • Lending and Borrowing: Personal Ethics and Social Policy (Faculty Room)
      • Ready to Think Anew About the Death Penalty – and Act to Abolish It? (President's Dining Room)
  • We'll gather for our shared opening session Thursday night. On Friday evening, Emily Provance will provide our plenary keynote on the theme "Navigating Anew" The Saturday evening social fun time is also a fan favorite.

    Large Group Gatherings

    • Opening Welcome - Thursday Evening
    • Ashland Center for Nonviolence Open House - Friday Morning
    • Plenary with Emily Provance - Friday Evening
    • Saturday Evening Intergenerational Fun Time
    • Night Owl Movie Watching Friday and Saturday Evening
  • We’ll have morning and evening silent worship opportunities, Bible study sessions, and worship-sharing small group sessions on the theme. Our Sunday Meeting for Worship will provide a spirit-filled closing for the gathering.

    Worship and Bible Study Opportunities

    • FRIDAY JUNE 16
      1. Early Worship - 6:45am
      2. Worship Sharing - 8:30am
      3. Bible Study - 9:30am
      4. Evening Collection - 9:00pm
      1. Early Worship - 6:45am
      2. Worship Sharing - 8:30am
      3. Bible Study - 9:30am
      4. Evening Collection - 9:00pm
    • SUNDAY JUNE 18
      1. Early Worship - 6:45am
      2. Meeting for Worship (everyone) - 10:30am
  • Friends will gather to conduct the business of the Yearly Meeting across multiple sessions. We plan to provide Zoom access to Friends who want to attend from a distance.

    Business Session Schedule

    • Executive Committee - Thursday 1:30 pm
    • Business Session 1 - Friday 10:30 am
    • Business Session 2 - Friday 1:15 pm
    • Business Session 3 - Saturday 1:15 pm
    • Executive Committee - Sunday 1:30 pm

Friends Gathering Together

Helping with a Tender Hand

Helping with a Tender Hand

"Our life is love, and peace, and tenderness; and bearing one with another, and forgiving one another, and not laying accusations one against another; but praying one for another, and helping one another up with a tender hand." -- Issac Penington (1616-1679)

11 Great Workshops to Choose From Engaging workshops, with something for everyone. See full descriptions here.

Join us on the Ashland University Campus

Join us on the Ashland University Campus
Ashland University
Ashland University has a compact campus with easy walking distances between locations. This 3D map shows some of the key sites we will be spending time in.

2023 Annual Sessions – Ashland, Ohio

Navigating Anew is our 2023 Theme. We’re all excited to finally be gathering together again in person. We find ourselves in changing times in the world and in our Quaker meetings. With all this change, navigation isn’t on autopilot but becomes a conscious task, whether it is finding the way from dorm to dining hall or finding our way toward being an inclusive body of Friends. Navigation also involves a careful discernment of how we are led and how we can keep true to a spirit-led path as new ways open. Workshops, bible study and shared worship can help. Please plan to join us on June 15-18 2023 for LEYM’s Annual Meeting. Discovery awaits!

Annual Sessions Calendar of Events

A PDF providing a one-page view of the schedule is available to print or save.

ONLINE SCHEDULE TIPS: Use the controls along the right top to select different days and to change views. Scroll up and down through the day's time slots by dragging or using the scrollbar on the right side. Click on the title of an individual session to see additional details. Use the "view larger version" link along the bottom right to go to an expanded calendar view.

LEYM 2023 Schedule

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

LEYM 2023

Navigating Anew