Registering for Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting Registration Form, instructions for the form, and the Parent or Guardian Consent and Permission Form are available here as separate files. The registration deadline for children and for the early bird discount is July 8.

Please note the various discounts / scholarships available:

  • LEYM subsidizes the cost for children and youth (ages 18 and under). Registration and Lodging are free, and meals are discounted by 2/3.
  • Young Adult Friends (ages 19–35) have their registration fee waived (though lodging and meal costs still apply).
  • First-time attenders receive a 1/3 discount on all costs.
  • Clerks who are not taking the first-time attender discount receive a 25% discount on all costs.
  • All adults who work fulltime with the youth do not incur charges.

Please note that vegetarian meals are the default option at this year’s annual sessions. More information about this decision is available here; please note any requests for a meat alternate on your registration.

Online Registration is Available: Registration for Annual Meeting can be completed either online at  or by mailing the paper forms and a check to:

Sally Weaver Sommer
118 S. Spring St.
Bluffton, OH 45817

2019 Annual Meeting, registration form

2019 Annual Meeting, Schedule

2019 Annual Meeting, Parent Consent Form