Develop your ability to follow leadings with the School of the Spirit

For several years, the School of the Spirit board has wrestled with our emerging sense of additional call – that God has more work for us, in addition to our baseline programs of On Being a Spiritual Nurturer and our growing calendar of Contemplative Retreats. We are now excited to announce Participating in God’s Power, a one-year program under the leadership of Angi York Crane and Christopher Sammond as its core teaching team.

Angi and Christopher will invite us even deeper into the question of what keeps us from following God’s leadings fully and courageously in ways that challenge and transform our lives. They model a resilient and thoughtful set of tools for exploring the places in which we let our own brokenness get in the way of a robust trust in the Inner Teacher.

Students and teachers will gather in weekend residencies over a twelve-month period. The new program is designed to take place primarily on holiday weekends, to enable working people to participate with a minimum of time-off. And it will alternate between Pennsylvania and New Hampshire locations in hopes of being more accessible to Friends from New England, Philadelphia, and Baltimore YMs, and beyond.

Many grads of the Spiritual Nurturer program who have settled into the contemplative rhythms of living (and nurturing others to live) as God’s beloved, may find this opportunity a compelling next step. If you are intrigued, please send your contact information to

The School of the Spirit is a ministry of prayer and learning from a Quaker perspective.

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