Participate in the Quaker “School of the Spirit”

Do you feel a call to nurture and accompany people in their spiritual lives?
Are you wanting to deepen your spiritual life?
Are you interested in exploring your spiritual gifts?
If so, God may be calling you to the On Being a Spiritual Nurturer Program.

If you are thinking of participating, or you know someone who would be a perfect candidate, please visit our website The School of the Spirit will continue to consider applicants through July, or until the class is full.

If you’re at this summer’s FGC Gathering in Toledo, Ohio, July 1-7, consider stopping in to the School of the Spirit’s presentation on Monday afternoon, from 3:15-4:15. Of course we’ll hope to attract people who might be interested in the Spiritual Nurture Program. And it would be wonderful to have some of the graduates and others there to help us explain our varied experiences with the ministry.