Pendle Hill: The Prophetic Faith from Moses to Martin Mar 11-5, 2018

A short course with Doug Gwyn and John Meyer

The prophets of ancient Israel raised an alarm among their people when they saw their society becoming more militarized, exploitative, unequal, and immoral. Chanting, singing, and writing, they called leaders and people back to the equity and equilibrium of covenant relationship with God. We will end with John Meyer leading us in considering Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. as a modern-day prophet.

In each case, we will seek to understand the spiritual formation that undergirds the radical social witness of prophets, ancient and modern. This clarity can aid us in finding our own prophetic voices amid a militarized, exploitative, unequal, and immoral society.

We will listen to a variety of prophetic texts. But in order to appreciate their meaning, considerable context-setting will be required. So part of sessions will be devoted to presentation. Bibles will be available, but participants are encouraged to bring their preferred translation.

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