Pendle Hill: From Mourning to Renewed Witness Mar 9-11, 2018

A weekend with Doug Gwyn and Brian Drayton

How do we remain faithful to the hope that is in us? Where do we find hope when the world offers daily invitations to mourn, or even to despair, because of racial injustice, militarism, climate change, or environmental deterioration? What form can hope even take?

Over 350 years, Friends have repeatedly been challenged to sustain and renew their witness, not by skirting grief or desolation but by confronting, expressing, and transcending it. Early Seekers, who sometimes called themselves “mourners after Sion,” were transformed through their Quaker convincement into the vanguard of the Lamb’s War, a sustained nonviolent revolutionary movement for religious renewal and social change. Through succeeding generations, Friends have continued to find ways to transmute the melancholy of grief into fresh, resilient testimony for the Spirit.

In this weekend course, Brian Drayton and Doug Gwyn will share what they have learned through study of and deep listening to the stories of Friends through the centuries, and how that witness has helped them pass through mourning into renewed hope and witness. They will invite participants to reflect and share their own experiences. Together, we will encourage one another to make our testimony, find our hope, in a world that daily invites us to despair.

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