GPQM Mid-Winter Gathering Feb 24, 2018

The Green Pastures Quarterly Meeting Mid-Winter Gathering will be held in Kalamazoo, Michigan, and hosted by

 Kalamazoo Friends Meeting

508 Denner

Kalamazoo 49006

Saturday, February 24, 2018

9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

The program will be led by three Friends from the Red Cedar Friends Meeting, who recently graduated from the School of the Spirit’s On Being a Spiritual Nurturer*—and found the experience transformational.  They will offer a one-day retreat: “A Taste Test—Come Sample the Spiritual Nurturer Program.”   The leaders are Sue Emmert, Karen Hooker, and Joann Neuroth, with support from April Allison.  (**Please read additional material below.)

Kalamazoo Friends warmly welcome you to this gathering, which offers spiritual  nurturing at a time when probably many of us most need it.  Please mark your calendar and plan to come!

Lunch and refreshments will be served (donations welcomed).

We welcome families with children!  Please tell us as soon as you know you’re coming so we can prepare an appropriate youth program.  If possible, we’d like to know by the end of January how many children are likely to come and how old they are.  (Contact, 269 345-0489.   Questions of all kinds are welcome as well.)

In Friendship,
Raelyn Joyce, clerk of GPQM
Kalamazoo Friends Meeting

 * The program provides a structured way for participants to discern and discover gifts for–and grow into–forms of spiritual nurture ministry as informed by the Quaker tradition. Over the course of 18 months, students in the program gain knowledge, skills, and a community of support to help deepen their spiritual lives, grow in wisdom, and be more capable and faithful ministers in their home Meetings, faith communities, and beyond.

** During our day together, we will be invited into interactive exercises that use reflection, reading, listening, sharing, and movement to sink down to the Center, where the Inward Teacher opens each of us to the “school” of the Holy Spirit. The day will serve us all with an experience of reflection, connection, and deep listening—and some of us may find ourselves called to consider joining the longer Spiritual Nurturer program**.

This Mid-Winter program is especially timely, because in September 2018, the School of the Spirit ministry will gather a new class of seekers who wish to deepen their experience of living in the presence of the Inward Teacher. Over the course of the following eighteen months, these participants will come to “know experimentally” what it is to live in a contemplative rhythm of study and prayer. They will gather at roughly three-month intervals for a residential retreat and time of “withdrawal” with each other as they come together repeatedly as a blessed community together … and then return home each time to “exhale” by living reflectively into their individual journeys and their Meeting’s corporate life.