Invitation to Red Cedar Meeting’s 75th year celebration Oct. 15, 2017

Seventy-Five years of Quaker worship and service will be celebrated Sunday, October 15 in Lansing, Michigan. Red Cedar Friends’ celebration will be an Open House at their Meetinghouse in Old Town (1400 Turner Street), Lansing, Michigan. Memories will be shared with light refreshments from 1 to 3 pm.

The Lansing Group started in the fall of 1942 under the care of the Ann Arbor Monthly Meeting, eventually becoming the East Lansing Friends Meeting and then Red Cedar Friends Meeting.

The Lansing Friends Journal reported in 1955: “The beginning of the second world war stimulated a number of earnest church members in this area to search for religious means and motivations which would help the world to avoid violent, cruel, and costly conflicts. Thus the Lansing-East Lansing Meeting of Friends began . . .” Friends remain committed to peace and social justice.

The group changed meeting places many times over the years, worshiping on the campus of Michigan State University, at the former Grange Hall on Trowbridge, at space generously provided by All Saints Episcopal Church and Edgewood United Church, before constructing their own meetinghouse in Lansing.

Red Cedar Friends Meeting is a member of Lake Erie Yearly Meeting. The underlying principle of Friends belief and practice is that within every person there is that of God or Spirit leading us to respect the worth and dignity of all.

For over 350 years, Friends have based their worship on waiting in expectant silence. Quakers commit themselves to learning the practices needed for listening deeply, for speaking and living out truths, for respectful differing and for faithful risk-taking so that spirit can lead them to deeper and deeper truths and practice.

Further details about the Open House may also be obtained by calling (517) 347-7925 or via e-mail at