FGC/FWCC videos and curricula available

From Friends World Committee for Consultation

QuakerSpeak Videos and Curricula

We are pleased to present all five of the 2016 videos produced in partnership between QuakerSpeak and FWCC Section of the Americas, all collected in one place along with religious education curricula created by the Quaker Religious Education Collaborative! Now it is easier than ever to use these videos in your meeting or church, or to share with seekers you know.

If you do use these videos, or share them on social media, please take this quick survey to let us know your feedback. This will help us plan for any future content we produce!

The 5 topics are:
Listening in tongues
How many Quakers are there in the world?
Top 10 reasons I am a Quaker
How do Quakers approach sustainability work?
Are you a Quaker?