Kendal retirement communities seeking Quaker board members


Good morning.  Besides serving as Clerk of Kent Friends Meeting in Kent, Ohio, I also serve on the Board of Directors for both the Kendal Corporation in Philadelphia and that of its newest affiliate, Kendal at Home.  Currently, Kendal at Home is looking for new board members who are strongly rooted in Quaker values.

As you may know, the Kendal Corporation is a Quaker affiliation of twelve campus-based, Class A life-care retirement communities on the East Coast and in the Midwest.  Traditional life-care communities are designed for individuals who wish to live independently in a campus-based community setting, with the option to move to assisted living or skilled nursing care when they are no longer able to live independently.

Kendal at Home is also based on this type of life-care agreement, but with one crucial difference:  the goal of Kendal at Home is to keep the member living independently in their own home as long as possible.  Then, if the member is no longer able to live independently, he or she may move to assisted living or to skilled nursing as part of their life-care contract.

All Kendal affiliates, including Kendal at Home, operate according to Quaker values and principles, including consensus decision-making.  Currently, the majority of Kendal at Home members live in the Northeast Ohio area.  However, we are in expansion mode, with new members joining in central and southern Ohio, and, in conjunction with the broader Kendal Corporation, with plans to expand nationally.  It is an exciting time to be associated with Kendal at Home.

Kendal at Home is looking for new board members who are strongly rooted in Quaker values.  Candidates may be members or attenders of Friends Meetings.  Career experience in business, finance, social services, health care, and education is strongly valued.  We are committed to building a board that includes qualified individuals from diverse racial, ethnic, gender, lifestyle, and geographic backgrounds.  The Kendal at Home Board meets five times per year, approximately every other month, and board members are also asked to serve on at least one board committee, depending on their expertise.  The board physically meets in Westlake, Ohio, but we currently have board members who live in different parts of the country and who actively participate via technology.

If you or anyone you know is interested and qualified please contact either Georgia Anetzberger, chair of the Kendal at Home Board Development Committee, at, or me via personal email at  I will be out of the country and “off the grid” for most of the second half of October, but can return your contact after I return at the end of the month.  Thanks.


Richard Melecki
Clerk, Kent Friends Meeting
Kendal at Home Board of Directors
Kendal Corporation Board of Directors