GPQM Business Meeting Agenda for Sept 17, 2016

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Green Pastures Quarterly Meeting,  September 17,  2016
Meeting for Worship for the Conduct of Business

Our search is for unity, not unanimity.  We consider ourselves to be in unity when our search for Truth is shared; when our listening for God is faithful; …when our love for one another is constant.  A united meeting is not  necessarily all of one mind, but it is all of one heart.

We believe that this unity, transcending apparent differences, springs from God’s empowering love, and that a Meeting, trusting in the leadership of that love and gathered in its spirit, will enjoy unity in its search for truth.                          

Philadelphia Yearly Meeting , Faith and Practice, p. 22

AGENDA  (11:30-12:30)

Roll call
Approval of Minutes of May 2016 meeting
Treasurer’s report
Friends School of Detroit Trustees report/proposal
Questions and clarification period

Break for lunch (12:30-1:30)


Decision on Friends School report/proposal
Expiring terms of FSD trustees:  Patrick Patchett, Peter Dale, and Joe Mills

Reports from:
Michigan Friends Center
Friends Lake Cooperative Community
Michigan Quakers for Environmental Action (MQEA)

New business:
Clerking workshop  — Geoff Brieger
Mid-winter Quarterly Meeting–February 26-27, 2017 (Birmingham MM will lead the program.  Where will it be held?  Who will do youth program?)

End of Meeting for Worship for the Conduct of Business