FWCC Setting up a Traveling Ministry Corp

In the 21st century, the traveling ministry is an important way to realize our vision of a thriving and integrated network of Friends woven together in transformative faith. Our goal is still to further draw the strands of Quakerism in the Americas together into the rich tapestry that is the Religious Society of Friends.

In 2016, the Section of the Americas of FWCC is organizing a volunteer corps of Spanish- and English-speaking (though not necessarily bilingual) Friends, to send as traveling ministers throughout the Section, crossing Yearly Meeting lines and other divisions among Friends.

Friends who serve in the Traveling Ministry Corps will visit Friends meetings and churches in yearly meetings other than their own and offer one or more of the following:
* Facilitate a weekend workshop on a topic of mutual interest to the meeting and the minister
* Bring a message and organize worship sharing after a weeknight potluck
* Attend a regularly scheduled worship service
* Write a letter of encouragement and pastoral care, particularly to meetings who were just outside the travel route or who may be wary of receiving a visitor

FWCC will accept applications from Friends who express concerns that are deeply rooted in the Spirit, and who can transcend differences and division to seek broader unity in the Light. FWCC will provide training, support, and accountability for those Friends who are chosen to travel in this ministry. Funding is available to support the travel expenses of the members of the travelling ministry corps. Local Friends Churches, Monthly and Yearly Meetings in the Americas can request a visitor.

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