The Personal Journal As a Tool for the Journey – Workshop – Barnesville Sept 30-Oct 2, 2016

Listening to God’s Word in Our Lives: The Personal Journal As a Tool for the Journey
Leader: Susan Yanos

God’s Word resounds always and everywhere if we have but ears to hear: through the Bible, of course, but also through the declarations of sky and sun (Psalm 19), through the writings of fellow pilgrims on the journey, and through the depths of our own minds and hearts. A way to focus and train the ear for listening to God’s Word is to engage in the spiritual practice of journal writing.

During this workshop we will discuss the major movements of the spiritual journey (orientation, disorientation, new orientation), especially as they are revealed in the psalms and reflected in nature. We will explore how the journal can help us identify and fully experience these movements in our own lives, voice both joy and pain as praise, and open ourselves to sensing God’s work within our words. We will examine other Friends’ journals as the authors witness to God’s presence in their spiritual journeys, and we’ll try out various journaling techniques and exercises.

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