Conference for Friends in the Ministry March 15-17

Friends Center is Ohio Yearly Meeting’s retreat and conference center in Barnesville, Ohio.

A Gathering for Friends in the Ministry

Facilitated by Brian Drayton

March 15-17, 2013

“It is a living ministry that begets a living people.” Friends who are under a sustained call to the gospel ministry are invited to meet for mutual refreshment, encouragement, and instruction. Our time together will include open worship, and also structured conversation about challenges that arise today in the life of our Meetings and of those who seek to serve that life under the guidance of Christ.

Friends who have not attended a previous Friends Center weekend in this series are asked to include with their registration request a description of their particular gift, how they have come to recognize it, how they exercise it, and what accountability they have for their gift to their Meeting, another group, and/or another individual.

Friends Center Web Site


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